Waveform Recordings - Old Skool Tech (WAV) | 530MB

A530+MB future classic collection of gritty organic grooves,funk-bustin basslines, Detroit synths, vinyl-like music loops, screwedvox, FX and more for producers of retro-inspired house, tech-house andtechno.
Waveform have made a name for themselves deliveringstaggeringly authentic straight-from-vinyl-sounding loops and hits fromthe golden era of house and techno - and this latest offering is noexception. The drums are dripping with layers of analogue warmth, thesynths are raw and the music loops are bursting with energy.

Anenduring ode to the origins of house and techno, from New York toDetroit via Chicago, totalling 441 loops, Waveform use every ounce ofexperience to deliver this timeless toolkit.

Whats in the collection
BeatLoops - 64 instant floor-rocking house and tech grooves chock-full ofgrainy analogue beats, stunning tribal percussion and vinylesque melodichints. All offered with kick-free tops and stripped variants for fulltrack control.
Bass Loops - imagine classic 70s funk-stacked b-linesresequenced and reworked for the club. Waveform deliver 16 loops ofroyalty-free bassline bounty.
Music Loops - 30 lost-in-Detroitsynths, corroded analogue atmospherics and stunningly authentic mixedmusic loops from the Chi-town underground.
Glitch Vox Loops - 24 quirky vinyl-vox mash-ups ready to drop in the mix.
Percussion Loops - 48 jack-injected percussive loops built to layer for precision beat enhancement.
Tops Loops - 23 top-end teasers loaded with dirt-crusted hats, shakers, cymbals, claps and more.
Drum Fills - crisp live fills to spice up your beats or propel your transitions.
Basic Loops - solid and speedy beat foundations in the form of 4/4 kick, hat and snare/clap loops.
FX - 23 ominous drones, killer crashes, processed vox and percs, risers, falls and more.
DrumHits - 138 kicks, claps & snares, cymbals & hats and percussivehits that authentically ooze with warmth and vintage vitality.
All loops are tempo-synced at 124 and 125bpm and presented as 24-bit Wavs.

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