Adobe Flash Builder v4.6 x84/x64|ISO|2011

Adobe Flash Builder v4.6 x84/x64|ISO|2011 | 1.50 GB

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AdobeFlash Builder - an integrated development environment for creatingcross-platform rich Internet applications. Using Flash Builder, createapplications that use the infrastructure of Adobe Flex, MXML, AdobeFlash Player, Adobe AIR, ActionScript, Adobe LiveCycle Data Services EScomponents and Adobe Flex Charting. Also includes tools for testing,debugging and profiling, which is achieved through increasedproductivity and effektivnost.Adobe Flash Builder has a multilingual.

Options Flash Builder:
- Creating Flex projects with support for Adobe ColdFusion and Adobe LiveCycle Data Services
- Build applications that provide access to remote data services
- Writing and editing the application source code using editors
- Create functions within ActionScript or MXML code in separate files
- Creating custom components and a simple appeal to him
- Project management applications via a set of functions provided by the basic environment IDE Eclipse
- Development of applications in different ways using the built-builders
- Running applications in web-browser or standalone Flash Player
- Debugging in Flash Builder with integrated debugging tools
- Publication of the application source code to provide users and other developers
- Create a project library enables you to create a common library of components
- Configure interface integrated development environment (IDE)