Photoshop Plugins - onOne Perfect Photo Suite 6

Photoshop Plugins - onOne Perfect Photo Suite 6
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PerfectPhoto Suite 6, the dramatic new version of onOne Softwares awardwinning product suite offers the best new tools for solving the mostcommon problems faced by photographers today. This major upgradeintroduces completely new products Perfect Portrait and Perfect Effects,Perfect Mask, the next generation of Mask Pro, Perfect Layers, inaddition to favorites Perfect Resize, FocalPoint and PhotoFrame. Andnow, you can move effortlessly between applications, for a smoother andfaster workflow.
Perfect Portrait is a completely newproduct that offers the latest innovations in portrait retouching forphotographers. You can now focus on the art of retouching and portraitcreation because the most time consuming tasks have been automated inPerfect Portrait.

Perfect Layers allows you to combinephotos for endless creative options. With Perfect Layers you can createand edit multi-layered files directly from Lightroom and Aperture, oreven use it as a standalone application. All Perfect Layers files can beedited in Photoshop later giving you complete flexibility in yourworkflow.

Perfect Effects builds on the popularity ofPhotoTools to give you an even faster and more powerful way to createimages with impact. Perfect Effects 3 includes a complete library ofprofessional photographic effects that can be previewed live, fullscreen, on an image before being applied. Perfect Effects 3 now includesblending options that provide even more control over how effects arecombined and applied.

Perfect Mask 5 is the nextgeneration of Mask Pro, the leading software for background replacement.Perfect Mask takes the core strengths of Mask Pro to another level, byautomating many common masking tasks with incredible accuracy.

Perfect Resize 7(powered by Genuine Fractals) is the industry standard for imageresizing. It is renowned across the photographic and printing industriesfor its ability to increase image size well over 1000% without the lossof sharpness or detail that you would normally expect. The patented,fractal based interpolation algorithms works like nothing else and theresults speak for themselves.

FocalPoint 2 - createrealistic selective focus, depth-of-field and vignette effects that tellyour viewers right where to look. With the intuitive FocusBugcontroller it is just like using a tilt-shift or selective focus lensright inside of Adobe Photoshop. Set your area of focus and then select alens to simulate or create your own by controlling the amount and kindof blur, even in 3D. With the new FocusBrush tool you can paintsharpness or blur right where you want it. Finish things off with anelegant vignette. It has never been easier or faster to focus yourviewers eye and minimize distractions.

PhotoFrame - addthe perfect finishing touch to your images with PhotoFrame 4.6. Itfeatures hundreds of design elements like film edges, borders, textures,backgrounds and adornments. It even has complete layouts where you justdrop your image in and you are done. Its the perfect way to add arealistic darkroom touch with a film edge or to create beautiful albumor scrapbook pages. Perfect Photo Suite 6.part1.rar Perfect Photo Suite 6.part2.rar Perfect Photo Suite 6.part3.rar Perfect Photo Suite 6.part4.rar Perfect Photo Suite 6.part5.rar

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