Blue Moon WPI DVD 2011.12

Blue Moon WPI DVD 2011.12 | 2.85 GB

Collection of programs with automatic Windows Post Install from Sweet Liu. This package of software was removed from the form of the final Windows XP Professional SP3 Blue Moon (AHCI - RAID) DVD, and packaged in a new way. The image is optimized format ISO.

Times have you tired of reinstalling Windows afterward long and sickening install all the necessary software. They are scattered somewhere in the computer, they ought to find, and put kryaknut. Traditionally, it takes a bit if not more tarry than installing the OS, then the image is specifically for you. You just select the required applets and push start, they postavyatsya quietly and without noise. The spectrum represented by the additions allows to solve most problems that arise in practice, both beginners and experienced users: from editing and converting audio and video files to the resumption of lost data and to develop their own additions.

The contents of WPI

Renewal of auto

System libraries NET Framework - with a choice vesrsy from 1.1 to 4.0
Java Runtime - Java-virtual machine. Allows to run and use the addition is written in Java.
Visual C 2005-2008-2010 - System libraries needed for start-up additions, designed to support Visual C .
FONTS-additional system fonts.
Control Panel applets - additional utility in Control Panel.
Unlocker - unlock able in fact at least some file in the operating system, which used a different action.
VirtualBox-4.0.4-70 112 - Virtual Machine (Virtual PC).
Teamviewer.6.0.11117 - can remotely edit at least some computer The so if you were sitting behind him - even through firewalls.

Total_commander_7_56_2011 rus - File Manager
AIDA64 Extreme Edition 1.50.1200 - Analyzes complex issues and thorough information about its hardware and software inside.
Punto Switcher switch keyboard layouts.
R_Studio 5.120012 rus - renewal program uteryanyh data.
EasyRecoveryPro6.21 rus - Lost renewal program on your hard drive disk imaging.
Tera.Copy.2.2 - This utility enhances the process of copying files.
FileMenu 5.8.1 - A program that extends the functionality of the context menu of files and folders.
Auslogics Disk Defrag v3.1.9.160 - nominated staffing Defrag Windows.
Driver.Genius.Professional. - Program for searching, selecting, updating, installing and maintaining drivers.

Backup program:
WinRAR_4.1 (x32). rus - One of the best in functionality archives.
CabTools_1.8 - Program for working with CAB archives embedded in the context menu.

CCleaner 3.05.1408 rus - Utility to clean your system from heterogeneous "garbage."
TuneUp.Utilities.2012.12.0.2120.7.RUS - Great range of different devices and options for system optimization.
Xp Tweaker v1.5.3.80 - Program for the option, optimization and protection of Windows XP
Uninstall.Tool. - A program to uninstall the additions.
Your.Uninstaller!. Pro.7.4.2011.15. - Ensures the tasks of uninstalling the additions installed on your computer.
Revo Uninstaller 1.93 - FREE-A program to uninstall the additions.

CD-DVD Tools:
ULTRAISO.PREMIUM.EDITION. - Program for creating, editing and conversion of different formats, CD and DVD-images. The program also allows you to emulate and record CD and DVD.
Nero Full rus - The most common and well-known package for writing to optical storage and execution of associated operations.
NERO.BURNING.ROM.10.5.10300 - A program to record CDs with enhanced functionality.
DVDFabVirtualDrive - virtual emulator that works up to 18 virtual drives and works with DVD / Blu-ray imaging
DVDFab. rus - program for creation of similar copies of the DVD-ROM drive, including menus, trailers, etc., and also allows to find room to make a copy of one or more disks.
CDCLOSE.EXE - Adds a context menu item drives the "Close".

WinSnap3.5.4 rus - utility for capturing images that appear on the monitor com, remove and edit screenshots.
Techsmith Camtasia Studio6.0.3.928 rus - Utility for recording images from the screen into video files of various formats.
HyperSnap 6.90.4 Rus - program to remove the image from the monitor screen.
SnagIt rus - Program for screenshots from the monitor screen graphic "pictures" and the video.
MKey - is the event for the option by pressing additional keys for multimedia keyboards.
SuperCopier - replaced by copying files in Windows, and provides many dopolnitenyh abilities.

KMPLAYER. - Media player with support for playback of all known audio and video customization features and flexible video.
GetGo YouTube Downloader (rus) - program to download video from permissive service YouTube, MetaCafe, DailyMotion with the ability to convert formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MP3 and others. Not counting the addition allows to convert downloaded videos for viewing on mobile devices like iPod, iPhone and PSP.
RusTV.Player.2.0 - Web telly. Number of Channels 66 channels all Russian. If you are clicking on at least some channel no video, then you need to upgrade or install Flash Player.
Web - All-Radio-TV - program for listening to radio via the web, as well as watching TV and videos. The program opens access to 2500 radio stations and 1,200 television channels from all over the world (one hundred most states). Collected in the program, virtually all radio and TV stations broadcast in Russian language
AIMP Player 2.61.583 rus - Multi-audio player, undemanding to system resources.
GOM Player. rus - Powerful multimedia player. Supports all going to keep up to date video and audio formats. 10 additional skins.
Winamp.5.623.3199.Pro. - The famous player.
Foobar2000.1.1.5.RusXPack.1.21 - Audio player development of the 1st of the creators of most famous player Winamp. Key features - high-quality sound, great power options, spartan interface and low system requirements.
VLC.Media.Player.1.2.0 - Famous players.
DVDFab. - a program that combines the ability to copy DVD, transforming video into various formats and write to disks.
LIGHT.ALLOY.4.4.1076.CLASSIC - The famous video player.
Free.Studio.5.3.2 - vseprigodny set of programs for editing and converting media files, copy and burn multimedia CDs.

Codecs and Converters:
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 8.0.1 - A set of codecs required for the creation of media.
XviD4PSP5.10.234.0 Pro rus - Video-audio convector.

BITTORRENT. - Torrent-client.
UTORRENT.3.0.25538. - Torrent-client.
DU Meter 4.16 R3102rus - A program to calculate the present incoming and outgoing network traffic.
MediaGet1.12.044 rus - A program to search and download media files, games or software required.
DOWNLOAD.MASTER. - Download Manager.

Firefox 8.0.1 - Final design at the time of release version. 56. Opera 11.60 build 1185 - Famous browser.
Maxthon. - All of the most increasingly popular browser in the world of developers from the Chinese. Use the core of Trident Internet Explorer, so cherish the full compatibility with the web resources developed under the implementation of the Microsoft product with a valid extension of multi-functional capabilities in comparison with Internet Explorer.

ICQ.7.7.6082 - Centralized exchange instant news on the Internet
Miranda.IM.0.9.34.RUS - instant news manager that supports work in networks of ICQ, AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, and other. Miranda IM allows you to create the unique "assembly" Miranda, unusually configured to suit your personal requirements
SKYPE. version - A program that provides voice and video communication over the Web between companies (VoIP), video calls, transfer news text (IM) and files.
Mail.Ru.Agent.5.9.4930-famous Russian program to communicate online (news exchange, voice and video)
QIP.2012.4.0.6904 - is the direct governor and QIP QIP Infium 2010. QIP 2012 combines the capabilities of previous versions of QIP - the speed of the QIP 2005, QIP Infium functional interface and new tabs conversations. Now supports QIP 2012 OSCAR (ICQ), XMPP (Jabber), Gtalk (Jabber), VKontakte, LiveJournal (Jabber), Mail.Ru Agent, IRC and XIMSS (SIP), Twitter, Facebook.

ADOBE.PHOTOSHOP.CS. - ideal in the field of software for digital image processing.
Ashampoo.Slideshow.Studio.HD.2.0.4 - can record your slideshow creation software for high-quality slide shows. For the record it is possible to use Creating a slide show and a regular DVD disc that will play automatically when you insert it into the drive.
Aurora.3D.Text.Logo.Maker.11 - Plain design tool for the preparation of three-dimensional text info and logos. In Aurora 3D Text and Logo Maker it is possible to create a completely unique and 3D text or logo.
FastStone_Image_Viewer v.4, 5 - it is possible to not only view but also edit graphics, elevate the quality, scale change, perform the rotation pattern, adjust color, saturation, brightness and contrast.
Paint.NET 3.58 rus - Raster graphics editor graphics and photos for Windows, built on the NET Framework.
XNVIEW.1.98.2 - With the support of XnView it is possible to live and just browse and convert graphic files from 1 format to another.
HomeStudio.3.91 - Family Photo Studio - an excellent program for the sand and very high quality work with photo.
CorelDraw X4 SP2 RUS v14 - It consists of vector graphics CorelDRAW X4, raster graphics editor PHOTO-PAINT X4, the program for CorelDraw - transforming raster images into vector. Corel PowerTRACE X4 - a program for creating screenshots Corel CAPTURE X4

Office 2007_SP-2 rus - ofissnyh package of programs.
ABBYY FineReader Corporate - Optical determination of the documents, permits quick and accurately convert paper documents, digital photos of documents and PDF-files into electronic form.
Foxit.Reader - Compact and quick toiling program for viewing and printing of PDF.
Akelpad 4.5.6 rus - Replaces Notepad: small text editor with no limits on the size and expandable files with support for a "transparent" to work with different encryptions, including Unicode and UTF-8. Apart from this, correctly shows pseudographics, and allows you to customize font and background.
WinMerge2.13.13 rus - The program for the visual comparison of text documents on the subject in their configurations with syntax highlighting.
VueScan 9.0.23 rus - A program to expand capacity for interaction with a scanner or digital camera.
PROMT Professional 9.0 (443) Giant Full rus Dictionary - A program to support a simple and quick to translate the document, website or news, but also allows you to create and connect the corporate database of translated texts, which is comfortable in working with models - for example, persuasion or instructions.
FastStone.Capture.7.0.RUS-program for taking screenshots from the monitor screen.
NOTEPAD .5.9.3 - is absolutely free editor for text files containing ordinary (in fact it is simply the substitution of the usual "Notepad").

Sharp Eye version 5,408 - Integrated protection from autorun-virus! Program is a anti-virus detector that scans removable drives (flash drives, iPods, phones, ..) in the presence of startup files in the root and the programs that run from them.
USB.Disk.Security. - USB Disk Security provides unconditional protection against all threats via USB drive.
USB Safely Remove Final - best replacement Safely Remove Hardware.

Restorator 2007 rus - resource editor for almost all file types, for example, files exe, dll, ocx (Active X), scr (screen saver) and other.
ResHacK. rus - Allows to edit exe files. Maybe just change the icon at least some additions, menyaet skins (the outer appearance of programs). It is possible to change her design style Windows XP.
Smart Install Maker 5.02 rus - Strong and comfortable tool for creating installers. The program has a complete set of necessary functions for creating installers Professor with the smallest size, the highest step of compressing files.
WinHex 15.8 SR-4 rus - Vseprigodny HEX-editor, able to work with files, disks, and RAM.
INNOSETUP.5.4.2 - The program for creating installation files. Inno Setup allows you to find all records in the files of the registry and initialization can register libraries and ActiveX components, and to run external programs to create backup copies of installation projects when they change.

Fritz12 rus - the famous chess simulator in the world.
Angry Birds 1.5.1 (2011) - Easy and fun toy from the Finnish of developers. Help have a good time for users at least some age.

Puxtheme4 - Patch for the introduction of not signing the order. Needed for proper installation order from outside of developers.
Windows Sidebar gadgets set - (usually the utility of the operating system Microsoft Windows Vista, Seven), | that it is possible to use photo viewer, canals RSS, listening to the radio, music, watching movies, | system monitoring and almost all other small programs - "Gadget "that is now available for installation on Windows XP.
ResPatch Jekson07 - Provision for the substitution of interface design support for Windows XP external form afterward updates from Microsoft rollback to conventional resources.
Design themes for Windows - Adding to the latest design, the usual is not removed.
RocketDock1.3.5 rus - The panel for quick launch of programs in the style of Mac OS - animated and with variable step transparency.
VTTips v.3.4 - Indicates the thumbnail window Instead of the text prompts on the taskbar.
AmlMaple - LED keyboard. The program specifies the input language and the cursor shape color specifically in place a set of text and with the addition of any.
VolumeC2 - Advanced volume control system.
LClock Longhorn - Transforms your ordinary clock hours in Windows XP Windows Longhorn.
Cursors - Substitution of normal mouse cursors most plausible.
Address Bar - brand new line of address.
DrvVista - Change the icons of hard drives. Indicates the degree of filling disks in this tarry, simulating the type of Windows Vista.
oemlogo - Adds an icon in the characteristics of companies of the processor.
FixBootFull - Renewal of the flying for installing XP OS "Vista" and "Seven".