Froggers Adventures The Rescue - Razor1911 (Full ISO/2004)

Froggers Adventures The Rescue - Razor1911 (Full ISO/2004)
PC | 2004 | Developer : Hudson Soft Co., Ltd. | Publisher : Konami Digital Entertainment America | 916.06 MB
genre : Adventure

Frogger, gamings classic amphibian with a knack for dodging oncoming traffic, saw his initial rebirth onto modern day consoles back in 1997 with Frogger for the PlayStation. It was the first Frogger title to bring the series to a 3D universe, and although the game wasnt problem free, it did a pretty good job of translating the classic style of hop and dodge gameplay the original arcade Frogger had made so famous. Since that initial remake, numerous sequels have followed, each taking the series further and further into more dynamic and bizarre directions, such as by giving the Frogger character himself a voice (and pants to go along with it), by creating side characters and plots to go with the games, and even by attempting to turn Frogger into a straight up platformer game. The latest Frogger title to hit shelves is Froggers Adventures: The Rescue, a game that continues the style of 3D puzzle gameplay found in the PlayStation remake. However, the games heavy emphasis on a disjointed and needless plot and some generally unimpressive production values are Froggers Adventures main drawbacks, though they dont prevent the game from being enjoyable overall.
Froggers Adventures finds our amphibious hero and the other residents of Firefly Swamp facing the threat of annihilation by the Tyrannical Reptiles in Power or TRIP who have uncovered an ancient weapon of mass destruction. Adding insult to injury, TRIP has also kidnapped Froggers beloved girlfriend, Lily. Ultimately, its up to Frogger, along with the assistance of the Frog International Rescue Support Team or FIRST to defeat TRIP and save the day. As completely nonsensical as this may sound, its even more nonsensical in its execution. The games entire story is told through cutscenes in between each level unfortunately, none of them do a particularly good job of giving you any good sense of whats going on. New characters will appear with no introduction to speak of, and key points of explanation are simply bypassed in favor of a brief, near useless summarization at the end of each scene, leading you to believe that perhaps hefty portions of the intended story were simply left on the cutting room floor. Further, the story itself is decidedly geared toward a very young audience, so much so that anyone not of the targeted age group will inherently find the story more a bothersome nuisance than anything else.

Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
Pentium III 800MHz Processor
8X CD ROM Drive
64MB DirectX compatible 3D Accelerated Video Card
DirectX compatible Sound Card
DirectX 8.1
Windows Media Player 9
850MB Hard Disk Space
Pentium III 1GHz Processor
8X CD ROM Drive
128MB 3D Accelerated Video Card
Windows Media Player 9
850MB Hard Disk Space

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