Win7.Ultimate.SP1.IE9 Update Net4.Lite.v1-DK[ita]x86

Win7.Ultimate.SP1.IE9 Update Net4.Lite.v1-DK[ita]x86 | 1.69GB
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Ease of Access Center
Speech and Natural Language
Welcome Center
tv tuners
Language Packs: tutti
Multi Media:
DVD Maker
Windows ISO Burn
Windows Media Center
Windows wallpapers
Music and Video Examples
Music and Video Examples (Ringtones)
Clips In The Library
Internet Information Service (IIS)
Remote Desktop and Assistance
BitLocker Drive Encryption
Parental Controls
Windows Backup
Windows Repair Disc
Microsoft Sync Center
Natural Language
Tablet PC Components
Windows Easy Transfer
Windows Help
Windows PowerShell
Delete 'WinSXS\Backup' Folder
Anti spyware=Disable
Windows Firewall=Disable
Gadget per il desktop tutti, tranne Calendari e Misuratore CPU

Wait to Kill Application TimeOut=2000
500ms Delay Aero Peek
Add 'Open Elevated CMD here' to Folder context-menu
Add 'Take Ownership' to context-menu
Allow 3rd Party Themes
Allow Windows Live Movie to import from network
Always Unload DLL
Disable Dr Watson
Disable Group Policy Synchronise
Disable Hibernation
Disable IPv6 & Teredo
Disable Language Bar
Disable Search Online on Unknown File Extensions
Disable Shortcut Link Resolve
Disable Signature checking for EXEs
Disable Thumbnail Cache
Disable User Account Control
Disable Window 7 built-in CD/DVD Burning
Disable Windows Error Reporting
Double Mouse Speed
Enable Boot Defrag
Enable DVD in Media Player
Enable MSI Service in Safe Mode
Faster Browsing in IE
Force Aero
IE Homepage::
Improve USB Storage Devices Performance
Increase Icon Cache
Kill Services Quicker on Shutdown
Open NFO files with notepad
Remove 'Help & Support' from Start Menu
Remove Shortcut Prefix
Remove Windows Mail Splash
Restore Previous Folder at Logon
Show 'Computer' on Desktop
Show 'Run' on Start Menu
Show User Folder on Desktop
Speed-up Access to AVI Media Files
Unlimited Simultaneous Downloads
Base Filtering Engine=Disable
Block Level Backup Engine Service=Disable
Diagnostic Policy Service=Manual
Distributed Link Tracking Client=Manual
IP Helper=Manual
Offline Files=Disable
Print Spooler=Manual
Remote Desktop Services=Disable
Remote Registry=Disable
SSDP Discovery=Disable
Tablet PC Input Service=Disable
Windows Defender=Disable
Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework=Disable
Windows Error Reporting Service=Disable
Windows Firewall=Disable
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service=Disable
Windows Search=Manual
UXTheme patch=Enable

[Explorer Context]
Grant Admin Permission=Enable
Register and Unregister dll=Enable
Add Device Manager=Enable
Add Group Policy=Enable
Add MS-Config=Enable
Add Services=Enable
God Mode=Enable
Registry Editor=Enable
Folder Options=Enable
Task Manager=Enable
Skip product key=True
Skip Auto Activation=True
Accept EULA=True
Select this version on install=True
Setup Language=it-IT
Skip user creation=True
Logon count=1
Network location=Home
Protect your computer=Default
Hide EULA page=True
Hide Wireless setup in OOBE=True
Skip machine OOBE=True
Skip user OOBE=True
Currency and date format=Italian (Italy)
UI Language=it-IT
Timezone=(UTC 01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
Old PC AMD Sempron 1.99 GHz - RAM 1,50 GB -
Hardisk 20 GB
Spazio occupato ad installazione completata:
4,95 GB -->"compreso di Pagefile.sys 1,50 GB"
Memoria utilizzata con Windows Aereo abilitato:
al 1? avvio: 24%
al 2? avvio e successivi: 21%
Acer Aspire One AOD255E intel atom N570 - 1GB RAM - HD 250 GB
Memoria utilizzata 35% con Windows Aereo abilitato e
tutti i drivers installati Bluetooth, AHCI, TouchPad, Wireless, webcam, ecc...
Per eseguire l'aggiornamento installandolo su un'altro OS cancella il file Autounattend usando Ultraiso. Il OS supporta USB bootable.
To perform the upgrade by installing it on another OS deletes the file Autounattend, using UltraISO . The OS supports USB bootable.
Loader Incluso per l'attivazione....
For info and reseed : [email protected]

MD5 Check Sums: f013c82458c1ae68e10baa9d4d30f865[ita]x86.part1.rar[ita]x86.part2.rar