Digital Juice - Compositors Toolkit Visual FX Library 2

Digital Juice - Compositors Toolkit Visual FX Library 2
28 DVDs - Activator - Juicer - Crack | .mov | PAL/NTSC/HD | 170GB

The CTK VFX Library expands with this all-new high-res, high-speed collection
Digital Juice returns to the video visual effects scene with another superb quality visual effects elements library, once again containing the highest quantity of clips, at the lowest possible price. With over 275 organic high-resolution, high speed clips, COMPOSITOR'S TOOLKIT 2 (CTK2) has more visual effects than its predecessor, CTK1, in 13 all-new categories. We're confident that our latest offerings to this market will have the same effect that our other revolutionary product lines have had throughout the years-inspiring our customers and giving them the creative tools to grow as producers, editors and now, visual effects artists.

Disc 01: Index
Disc 02: Cloud Chamber part1
Disc 03: Cloud Chamber part2
Disc 04: Coarse Particles
Disc 05: Fabrics part1
Disc 06: Fabrics part2
Disc 07: Fine Particles
Disc 08: Glass Breaks
Disc 09: Ink Chamber part1
Disc 10: Ink Chamber part2
Disc 11: Ink Chamber part3
Disc 12: Ink Chamber part4
Disc 13: Ink Chamber part5
Disc 14: Magic FX
Disc 15: Paint Splashes
Disc 16: Paint Throws
Disc 17: Rain part1
Disc 18: Rain part2
Disc 19: Smoke Billows and Blasts part1
Disc 20: Smoke Billows and Blasts part2
Disc 21: Smoke Wisps
Disc 22: Water Textures part1
Disc 23: Water Textures part2
Disc 24: Water Textures part3
Disc 25: Snow part1
Disc 26: Snow part1
Disc 27: Destructive Elements par1
Disc 28: Destructive Elements par2

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