No doubt “The London Massive” has to refer to Matt Hughes, who has perhaps the biggest dick ever to come from English gay porn, but in every scene of this movie, there’s at least one huge pecker, sometimes two. As always with the sprightly men of UKNM, these guys know how to deliver an exciting time. They don’t need anything fancier than one partner to have a blast and send it sailing across so the viewer feels it too.

A very fussy rich woman is having her house packed up by Matt Hughes and Kyle Lucas and gives them dire instructions that they will pay for anything broken. Smart-ass Matt finds a porn magazine in a drawer and hauls his cock out of his one-piece, massaging the titular cock into its outrageous full size. When dark-haired Kyle returns, Matt taunts him with the penis and though Kyle initially refuses, he’s soon gulping his way down an impossible path. Matt really could cut his cock in half and it would still be enormous, but Kyle has fun blowing it, filling his mouth with as much as he can and trying to wrangle control from its owner. Kyle then throws Matt over the desk and starts fingering his hairy hole, not exactly a fair estimation of what it’s about to handle, but it does have Matt’s patented roughness. It takes a long time for both to be ready, but once they are, Matt sails in with abandon. He uses only about 75% of his size at the onset, but soon he’s getting more and more in, and Kyle quietly bottoms without complaint. Matt is so focused on staying hard and making it fit that there isn’t much time for chemistry, though close-ups show the ease with which Matt is able to fuck Kyle by the middle of it all. Matt has a quirky cum-shot on Kyle’s upper body and then Kyle spews while licking Matt’s dick clean. The dragon lady enters just after they have finished, but isn’t upset since nothing was broken — except the capillaries around Kyle’s asshole no doubt!