CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra x32|x64|ENG|WIN Updated 2011

CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra x32|x64|ENG|WIN Updated 2011 | 1.78GB

The company unveiled a new version of CyberLink their product PowerDirector 10, the award-winning collection of tools for editing. According to the developers, PowerDirector 10 is the most productive tools for editing your video from all available in the consumer market. In addition, attention is invited to a set of new and enhanced features. Feature List includes 3 different editing modes, flexible timeline that supports up to 100 tracks, support for professional plug-ins from third-party manufacturers, new tools for working with 3D-content, and more.

For rendering video in PowerDirector 10 corresponds to a new version of the engine TrueVelocity 2, which ensures a more efficient use of resources of the GPU and hardware support for OpenCL. One of the key features of the new engine, referred to by the manufacturer, a sixfold increase in the productivity of operations for the visualization of special effects. A new H.264 encoder increases the speed of processing high-definition video and minimizes latency.

The application interface has also undergone modifications. The startup screen PowerDirector 10 is a Quick Launch toolbar, which will make a quick choice between modes create a movie or slide show and immediately begin work on the project. Convenient time scale, supporting up to 100 tracks, will provide the flexibility to quickly add and edit captions, video and sound tracks, special effects, transition effects and other components of the film.

The new version of PowerDirector boasts 10 professional plug-ins support from the development team NewBlue FX, expanding the library of available effects and transition effects. First-time users who are unfamiliar with the package or by other means PowerDirector video editing tools will appreciate the Magic Tools, by which disparate pictures and videos can be converted into a pair of high-quality multimedia product clicks on a button. A Time Lapse Video tool will reduce or increase the demonstration video or presentation by simple manipulation of the timeline.

Special mention deserve the tools to produce 3D-content. Updated PowerDirector supports the original format of three-dimensional stereoscopic images and video, and can convert two-dimensional content in 3D using technology PowerDirector TrueTheater 3D. Finished materials can be recorded on Blu-Ray discs or DVD and viewed on TV, smart phones and other electronic devices with 3D-display.

Members get access to the online community DirectorZone, numbering about two million members. Available enthusiasts will be more than 200 000 different effects, templates, navigation menus and subtitles, reference guides and other content that can be easily imported into their own projects PowerDirector.