Softtech Spirit v2012 German-CYGiSO

Softtech Spirit v2012 German-CYGiSO | 565 MB

A modern user interface, a menu guide, which is based on the work process of the architect and designer, combined with intelligent status bars, character styles for many preferences and the object inspector to make a central hub SPIRIT to a simple but powerful tool.
Cost calculation including

SPIRIT 2012 combines all the functions necessary for the planning process in a program and monitored by a fully integrated cost calculation of the current state of planning costs.

SPIRIT lowers costs and reduces risk of design errors, routine tasks are easily done faster.

For the purposes of the architect

SPIRIT is designed for 25 years by architects for architects. This results in one of its major strengths: SPIRIT is graphically oriented - as its users.

The current SPIRIT 2012 is now even easier to offer more service to the user and creates the design tasks for even more free space!