Steinberg Cubase AI 6.0

Steinberg Cubase AI 6.0 | 798 MB

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Additional info:
No matter, a 7, XP or Mac. Works the same everywhere. If you reinstall the system - you need to go to MayShteyn your login and reactivate the key. If the 30-day trial is over, there need to activate the free license MayShteyne AI6. Element will cut up to AI.

Once again, the installation and activation (for details, as to for blondes)


01.Install Cubase and eLicenser Controler

02. Make sure that your computer has a working Internet connection. This connection is necessary to activate the license because the eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) needs to register with our license server.

03. Open the eLicense Control Center (eLCC) software and make a note of your Soft-eLicenser number

04. Create a user account in the MySteinberg area.

05. Check your email and activate your user account by clicking the link in the confirmation email

06. Log in to your MySteinberg account, and click on "Activation & Reactivation", choose "Cubase " and select "Permanent Activation". Enter your Soft-eLicenser and choose your hardware manufacturer

07. You will receive an email containing the activation code

08. Launch the eLicenser Control Center software. Click the "Enter Activation Code" button to download the license for your Steinberg product to the Soft-eLicenser. To do this, enter the required activation code into the corresponding field. Follow the instructions on screen.

09. Congratulations! Your Cubase is now permanently activated on your computer. Cubase AI 6.0.part1.rar Cubase AI 6.0.part2.rar Cubase AI 6.0.part3.rar Cubase AI 6.0.part4.rar Cubase AI 6.0.part5.rar Cubase AI 6.0.part6.rar Cubase AI 6.0.part7.rar Cubase AI 6.0.part8.rar

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