TomTom USA and Mexico build 880.3868 (2011/ML)

TomTom- USA and Mexico build 880.3868 (2011/ML) | 884MB

Detailed map United States and Mexico. IQ Routes will give you the quickest route at any time. Included more than 2800000 sights of these countries. Roads more than 8.5 million km / more than 5.2 million miles.
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100% of the coating composition:
-District of Columbia
-New Hampshire
-New Jersey
-New Mexico
-New York
-North Carolina
-North Dakota
-Rhode Island
-South Carolina
-South Dakota
-US Virgin Islans
-West Virginia

Additional Information:
; USA_and_Mexico_1GB_880_3868
A3 31 25 57 7C DA BC FC 63 9A CE 1E 57 49 C4 6F USA_and_Mexico_1GB-482.meta

System Requirements:
PDA / PNA: Coft from 8.39hh

Release Date: 12.2011
Version: 880.3868
Developer: TeleAtlas
Developer's site:
Language: Multilingual
Medicine: Present
Size: 844 MB