Serif Page Plus X5 Update Path *ISO*

Serif Page Plus X5 Update Path *ISO* | 755 MB

Serif Page Plus X5 - A powerful desktop publishing professional. Want to create an advertising block or impose a sufficiently complex and rich in design print edition? No problem! All this and much more you can do in the program PagePlus X5 - and you will surely agree that the publishing product is certainly the best in its class. Brochures, books, magazines, brochures - PagePlus X5 quickly and easily cope with any problems.

Everything you need!

-- Over 1000 professionally-designed templates and online content
-- Professional-level word processing and text handling
-- Compatible with popular image and word processer files
-- Open, fully edit, and export PDFs suitable for both print and web
-- Built-in photo editing with the easy-to-use PhotoLab
-- Dedicated Logo Studio for easy graphic design
-- Add flair to your documents with Pro OpenType Features
-- On-screen ?How To? guides, videos and printable tutorials!
-- Merging and management features for long documents
-- Create many document styles such as Brochures, Newsletters, Flyers & More

Minimum requirements
Compatible with Windows 7

Pentium? class (or compatible) PC with DVD drive and mouse
Microsoft? Windows? XP (32-bit), Vista, or 7 operating system
660MB free hard disk space
1024x600 display resolution with 16-bit colour depth or higher


Additional disk resources and memory are required when editing large and/or complex documents
Use of Large Fonts in your Windows settings may necessitate a higher resolution display

Optional Requirements

Windows-compatible printer
TWAIN-compatible scanner and/or digital camera
3D-accelerated graphics card with DirectX? 9 (or above) or OpenGL? support
Microsoft .NET 2.0 connection software (installed by default to support Microsoft Word 2007/2010 & Writer document import)
Internet account and connection required for Web publishing and accessing online resources
Adobe? Flash? Player plug-in required for viewing online videos