You Are Empty-RELOADED

You Are Empty-RELOADED
Flatform: PC | Release Date: October 16, 2007 | Retaile: GameStop | Publisher: 1C Company | Size: 1.71 GB
Genre: First-person Shooter

Herecome RELOADED again and yet again they have cracked another RussianStarForce game. This time its a video game called You Are Empty, whichis kind of a strange name dont you think Anyhow its another one ofthose re-write history type storylines. You get to go back to the 50swhen Communism was all the rage in Russia or should i say USSR Anywayyou get to and battle lots and lots of mutants. The reason why you dothis is because communist scientists got a little over zealous withthere experiments and killed the entire population and anyone who didsurvive is now a mutant. Sounds like fun, eh The description doesntinclude how the game playing character survived all this though which isa little strange but Im sure it will all unfold as you work your waythrough the story. The screenshots look decent enough the graphicsappear to be up to par with what we would expect from current gen game, iespecially like screenie of the one that looks like a pissed of Shrek,Hehe.

You can see what this game is aiming for that eerily darkatmosphere, your all alone, trying to survive. Many games have tried andfailed but if this can pull it off then it will be a good release todownload. Its 1.70 GB in size which is not that big nower days so thiswont stretch your bandwidth to much if you want to gamble on this.


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