Battlestrike Force of Resistance (Nonscene) (Full ISO/PC/2008)

Battlestrike Force of Resistance (Nonscene) (Full ISO/2008)
PC | 2008 | Publisher : City Interactive USA, Inc. | 500 MB
Genre : Action

Itis September, 1943. The armies of the 3rd Reich occupy virtually theentire territory of Europe. The lands taken by the Germans spread fromBrest, a town on the western brink of the continent, to the suburbs ofStalingrad. Numerous resistance groups operate in the occupied regionsof Europe Using the tactics of surprise attacks and the support fromlocal people, they can effectively confront much larger better equippedand trained troops of the enemy
The British government dispatches oneof its best commandoes to the Central Europe. Poland, Lithuania,Ukraine and Belarus are the countries where the resistance movements aremost active. The Englishman s tasks involve training and support forlocal guerrilla fighters in the most daring sabotage and diversionactions. Among others, you will embark on typical missions like blowingup bridges, assaults on enemy convoys to stack up necessary ammo andweapons. The player will also participate in a bank robbery, and lastbut not least, destroy a legendary facility producing V2 rockets!

Realistic combat gear and weaponry of WW II: Sten, Mauser 98K and legendary Winchester M97 Trench Gun!
8 complex game levels in the single player campaign
Breathtaking diversion operations: blowing up bridges, bank robbery, destruction of a facility producing V2 rockets!
Fights in perfectly modelled locations in the Central Europe including the Nazi occupied Warsaw
Powerfularsenal of the 3rd Reich: Tiger and Panzer IV tanks remotely controlledGoliaths, and Luftwaffe with Messerschmitt 109, Henkel 111, as well asJu 87 Stuka aircraft
Interactive game environment, you can lift and move objects and use the environment to help you prevail over the enemy
Variable territories forests, mountains, cities, even a moving train
Photorealistic graphics and magnificent audio effects supported by the Chrome engine

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