Need Soft 2011 (Multilingual)

Need Soft 2011 (Multilingual)
Size| 702 MB
Genre: SoftwareShulcSoft selected programs of celebrities. The selection of the latest programs in November!
Year / Date of release: 2011
Status: Launch
System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7
Bit: 32 bits 64 bits
Compatible with Windows 7: Complete
Language: Multilingual
Medicine: Present
Size: 703 MB


Opera v.11.52 Rus - The latest version of Internet browser
Mozilla Firefox v.8.0.1 - Rus animated browser of its own engine
Mozilla Thunderbird v.8.0 Rus - excellent mail client
The Bat! Pro v.5.0.24 Rus - The best email client
Miranda IM Aero Dark - Great Internet pager ICQ alternative
QIP 2012 Rus - Another great alternative to ICQ
Rus Download Master v.5.12.2 - Excellent free program for downloading files
jiTorrent v.3.0 Rus - program to work with torrent files,
FileZilla v.3.5.2 Rus - functional and easy to use FTP client
Comodo Internet Security v.5.8 Rus - Protect your computer against viruses and Internet attacks
Windows 7 Firewall Control v.4.1.21 - Extra firewall protection for Windows 7
NetWorx v.5.2.1 Rus - Excellent program for traffic statistics
URL-Album v.1.41 Rus - Internet bookmarks organizer
Ad Muncher v.4.91 - A program to remove ads
Teleport Pro v.1.64 - download web sites and view online
v.3.0.6 htm2chm Rus - Packaging Web pages in a single file CHM-
WebExe v.1.61 - Packaging web pages into EXE
Web Page Maker v.3.12 Rus - Quickly create web pages
Online Update DirectX Rus - Handy utility to update DirectX
Neutron v.1.07 Rus - small utility to synchronize the time

TuneUp Utilities 2012 v.12.0 Rus - The best collection of utilities for system maintenance
Auslogics BoostSpeed ?? Rus - A complete set of utilities for system maintenance Ultimate v.11.11.1 Rus - Windows steep Sciences
Uninstall Tool v.3.0 Rus - Uninstall Windows programs
Total Uninstall v.5.2.0 Rus - Total Uninstall programs
CCIeaner v.3.12 Rus - Cleaning the Registry, Startup UNINSTAL,
Revo Uninstaller v.1.93 Rus - very small and elegant uninstaller
Registry Workshop v.4.5.0 Rus - Great Registry Editor
Reg Organizer v.5.30 Rus - Registration, start uninstalling, cleaning
J NtRegOpt v.1.1 - A program to defragment the Registry
V.3.1.3 GIGATweaker Rus - Excellent free tweaker for widows 7
Off Hotkey v.6.4 Rus - in addition to changing the keyboard shortcuts computer
Disable v.2.3 Rus - automatic equipment
Memlnfo v.3.0 - Memory usage display in tray
FreeRAM XP Pro v.1.52 Rus - small program to optimize memory agile
Rus v.20.5.2011.0 WinPatrol - program to control the start
Autoruns v.11.1 - A small program to control the self-
R-Studio v.5.4 Rus - Data recovery in any medium
Sandboxie v.3.60 Rus - Implementation of programs in a virtual environment
Process Hacker v.2.24 - Monitor all processes running
Hash Tab v. Rus - The checksum in the file properties
AIDA extreme v.2.00 Rus - Test utility displays all data in the draft
Resource Hacker v.3.06 Rus - Resource extraction and editing, dll, exe, res
WinHex v.13.7 Rus - HEX - editor
Password Door v.8.4.3 - Set a password to run any
InTouch Lock v.3.5 Rus - lock disks, files, folders, etc.
Extra Drive Creator Pro v.7.3 Rus - Create secure virtual disks
QDistonary v.1.6 Rus - Excellent small text translator
Personal Socrate v.4.1 - Translator inconvenient
V.3.05a Fformat Rus - Great program to format and restore disks
Rus v.3.2.60 NoClone - Find duplicate disk
SpeedFan v.4.45 Rus - LED CPU temperature and fan speed
Rus v.1.2.11 m key - Assign hotkeys
V.2.4 TrayCommander Rus - program for quick and easy operation, the system tray, hot keys
AIIToTray v4.6.3 Rus - Minimize any program to tray
PS Hot Launch WLv.1.11 - quick launch frequently used programs iztreya
Utility v.2.5 Rus mouse - Now I know why the middle mouse button
Auslogics Disk Defrag v. Rus - free fast disk defragmenter
Defraggler v.2.08 Rus - very smart disk defragmenter
CrystalDisklnfo Rus 4.1.3 - Control of temperature, hard drive status.
i.Disk v.1.93 - Easy to see the disk space
Unlocker v.1.9.1 Rus - Closed process chain podvisshih
V.1.1.2 CLCL Rus - program that extends the capabilities of the clipboard
Rus v.3.2.6 Punto Switcher - Automatically change the keyboard
NumLock calculator v 3.3 Rus - Great calculator, is controlled by NumLock
FileNote 1.1.0 - with a single click on the file creates a *. txt with the same name
FontExpert v. Rus - Convenient program to view the fonts installed
QuickFolders v.3.5 - Quick access to folders when opening files
V.3.56.190 XFilesDialog Rus - A very handy utility, click the title bar
Rus v.1.6.62 STDU Viewer - View files, documents in a format djvu, pdf
Cool reader 2.00.66 Rus - program to facilitate e-book reader
V.11.5 Chemax Rus - Cheats for games
ArtMoney Pro v.7.37.2 Rus - universal for any game cracker

Rainlendar Lite v.2.9 Rus - A small but very functional calendar
Rainmeter v.2.1 - The panel gadgets to your desktop
True Launch Bar v.5.6 Rus - QuickLunch additional panel

Notepad different
V.4.7.0 AkelPad Rus - an excellent replacement for Notepad, understands all encodings
V.1.0 Rus Notebook - portable tree structure
Type Pilot 2.2 Rus - text correction avtovstavka

File Managers
Total Commander v.7.56a Rus - The best file manager
Alt Commander v.1.3 Rus - Commander of total replacement, only easier
2009.02b FreeCommander Rus - Excellent free file manager

WinRAR 1.4 Rus - The best file archiver
7-Zip v.9.20 Rus - files with high density compression
Driver Genius Pro v.10.0 Rus - Backup and create a file of all drivers

avast! Free Antivirus v.6.0.1289 Rus - One of the best antivirus
Microsoft Security Essentials v.2.1 Rus - Excellent free antivirus Microsoft
Rus v.10.0 Avira AntiVir Personal - Great antivirus smart
AVZ4 v.4.37 Rus - The destruction of spyware, trojans itp

Registry Trash Keys Finder 3.9.0 Rus - Reset counters to download trial versions of programs
V.2.1.1 PasswordsPro Rus - Enjoy the password behind the asterisks
KeePass Password Safe v.1.21 Rus - Handy Password Manager
WinKeyFinder v.1.73 - Change data, the Windows serial number
Product Key Explorer v.2.8.1 Rus - View all software serial numbers in the system

V.4.6 Rus FastStone Image Viewer - View all graphic files
IrfanView v.4.30 Rus - Excellent display of all the graphic files
V. JPEGView Rus - fast viewer for graphics files
FastStone Capture v.7.0 Rus - Small program for making screenshots
Easy Image V.4.4 modifiers Rus - Batch processing of images, size, quality
Fraps v.3.4.7 Retail - the removal of images and video games
ScreenFlash v.2.5 Rus - Records all actions on the screen in an instant
ColorMania V.2.4 - Determination of color anywhere on the screen, a pipette
SWFText v.1.4 - Excellent text animation program
Seal v.085 Rus - Creating stamps and seals
V.2.8 Crystal Button - Quickly create 3D buttons
Artlcons Pro v.5.28 Rus - Icon Editor
Selteco GIF Animator 5.1.2 - Create banners
ASCII Art Generator v.3.2.2 - Conversion of graphic symbols
On v.1.3 - A small program to print envelopes, CD

Chameleon Clock v.5.1 Rus - nice watch
ZoneTick v.2.6.6 Rus - see Nice, across multiple time zones
Atomic Alarm Clock v5.91 Rus - Cool clock, alarm clock, reminders, skins

PotPlayer v.1.5 Rus - cool media player
Cowon JetAudio Plus VX Rus v.8.15 - A combination of popular media
AIMP v.2.61.583 Rus - Perhaps the best audio player
Tools AIMP v.2.61.583 Rus - AudioConverter recorder, AIR
Evil Player v.1.31 Rus - Cool, no frills audio player
foobar2000 v.1.1.9 - excellent player, popular music
1by1 - The Directory Player v.1.75 - is the smallest music player
AD Sound Recorder v.1.6.1 - Record from any source
RIP Vinyl v.3.38 - Rob audio tapes, records
MP3Resizer v.1.8.3 - batch conversion of MP3 files
MP3 Splitter and Joiner v.3.10 - A program to cut, paste files mp3
Wave Editor v. Rus - Animated editor WAV sound files, MP3, WMA
mp3DirectCut v.2.13 Rus - program for editing mp3 files
Flash Movie Player v.1.4 Rus - A great player for playing Flash movies
K-Lite Codec Pack Full v.8.0 - A wide range of audio and video codecs
VirtualDub v.1.9.11 Rus - A small video file editor
Any DVD Converter Pro v.4.3.0 Rus - A powerful converting multiple video formats, DVD-Ripper
V.1.1.1 Volume2 Rus - the control of small, useful volume
Tag Rename v.3.5.7 Rus - The best program for tag editing, SW
Medialnfo Lite v.0.7.50 - Displays all information about the files on the media

Nero Micro Rus v.11.0 - The best program for burning CDs
Ashampoo Burning Studio v.10.0.15 Rus - Excellent program for recording CDs
ImgBurn v. Rus - program to create, record images
CloneCD v. Rus - A program to record and disk cloning
CloneDVD v. Rus - program to copy DVDs
Alcohol 120% v. Rus - copying, recording, virtual disks
Daemon Tools Lite v.4.45.1 Rus - small virtual disk emulator
Easy CD-DA Extractor Rus - Grabilka, burn audio CDs, convert
V.9.5.2 UltralSO Pr.Ed. Rus - Creation and editing of disk images
LCISOCreator v.1.1 - A small utility for creating ISO images
Winlmage v.8.50 Rus - program for editing disk images
Inno Setup compiler v.5.4.2 Rus - great creator Facilities
BadCopy Pro v.4.10 Rus - Recover damaged disks
AnyDVD v. Rus - program to unprotect DVD
CD Collection v.2.21 Rus - program to create catalogs CDs
AutoPlay Menu Builder V.6.2 Rus - Create a menu optimum avtozagruzochnyh
Autoplay Repair Rus v.2.2.2 - Manage the implementation of CD / DVD
OptiMaster v.1.3 Rus - Office of the opening, closing CD / DVD

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