Big Fish Audio Hollywood Loops Eerie Cinema WAV KONTAKT-DVDriSO

Big Fish Audio Hollywood Loops Eerie Cinema WAV KONTAKT-DVDriSO | 1.50 GB
Hollywood Loops presents, Eerie Cinema.

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Inspired by all the great scary movies and the music that makes them have such impact, Eerie Cinema is perfect for any composer seeking to add Dark Eerie Cinematic elements to their music. From long evolving soundbeds (each over a minute in length) to disturbing drones, big deep booming hits and creepy clangs, this Eerie cinematic library will add just that creepy scary horrific element you need. Ideal for use in film, trailers, television and video game composing. Also ideal for use in all music productions from ambient, electronic, Rock and Metal.

Eerie Cinema was created by Hollywood Loops founder and Grammy Award nominated composer Scott Rockenfield. Scott has been creating music for films, trailers, and video games for over 20 years now. He recently scored some additional music for the "Call Of Duty:Black Ops" video game released 2010 which has gone on to sell over $1Billion. Scott is currently composing music for some of hollywoods biggest film trailers coming soon.


- 1.75 Gb total content (880 original Wav files)
- 30 Sound Beds (each over 1 minute in length)
- 22 Drones
- 31 Clangs
- 19 Boomers
- 4 Kontakt Layouts
- 24-Bit 44 khz WAV files