Oracle Linux 6.2 (i386/x86/64)

Oracle Linux 6.2 (i386/x86/64) | 6.44 GB

Almost immediately after the Rehat Linux 6.2, Oracle has released the release of its distribution in Oracle Linux 6.2 (formerly Oracle Enterprise Linux). I recall that in contrast to RH, the distribution is allow downloading of binary assemblies after formal registration. Is a commercial program support, including including the installation and RH Linux and CentOS.

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The release comes two kernels to choose from: Oracle Unbreakable Linux Build (based on 2.6.32) that includes a set of optimizations for databases, balancing the interrupt (IRQ), the increased productivity of the virtual memory subsystem, with NUMA, OCFS, SSD, Infinband and etc. A lot of updates the following drivers (network): igb, be2net, bna, bnx2, bnx2x, cnic, e1000e, enic, igbvf, ixgbe, ixgbevfto, netxen_nic, qlcnic, qlge, s2io, tg3; (storage) arcmsr, be2iscsi, bfa , bnx2fc, bnx2i, iscsi_ibft, lpfc, megaraid_sas, mpt2sas, qla2xxx, qla4xxx1-c0, scsi_debug; (other) hpwdt, mptbase, mptctl, mptfc, mptlan, mptsas, mptscsih, mptspi.

Also, the distribution includes the original kernel RH.
Oracle Linux is certified for installation on servers, HP, Dell, IBM. Support for SPARC, promises before, and was not implemented in this release.