CentOS 6.2 (I386)

CentOS 6.2 (I386) | 4.51 GB

CentOS 6.2 is available for i386 and x86_64 in the form of DVD-assembly (4.6 Gb), the minimal install image (285 MB) and the reduced image for network installation - netinstall.iso (162 MB). SRPMS packages and are available through debuginfo vault.centos.org. Simultaneously available to the LiveCD and LiveDVD, support installation on your hard drive.

It is noted that with the release of CentOS 6.2 draft is returned to its previous regular and rapid process of preparing releases. Accelerate the release of CentOS 6.2 has contributed constantly updated repository (CR - Continuous Release), within which to CentOS 6.1 was performed repackaging updates released for RHEL 6.2 (RHEL 6.2 packages have been adapted still in the process cycle of CentOS 6.1). Members CR-repository for CentOS 6.1 can upgrade their system to CentOS 6.2 in the usual way, by running 'yum update', with the number of packages to be installed will be minimal - as all updates are already installed, will add only new and related to updating the version number of packages ( centos-release).

With innovations borrowed from RHEL, you can learn - Release Notes RHEL 6.2

Of changes in CentOS 6.2, include:
Updated content 23 packages, including: anaconda, firefox, gnome-desktop, httpd, initscripts, kde-settings, kernel, ntp, openssl098e, plymouth, thunderbird, xulrunner and yum;
Removed 11 packages: abrt-plugin-bugzilla, redhat-release-*, redhat-release-notes *, rhnlib, rhn-check, rhn-client-tools, rhnsd, rhn-setup, rhn-setup-gnome, yum-rhn -plugin;
Posted 3 packages: centos-indexhtml, centos-release, centos-release-cr;
When using the Live CD / DVD installer removed the collapse of Anaconda, which has been observed previously when trying to change the time zone in the situation was changed when the host name.

Some of the limitations and problems:
The text mode installation is automatically activated if the system is less than 652 MB of RAM. To use the installer requires a minimum of 392 MB of RAM;
To work on CentOS 32-bit x86 systems required to support PAE;
Features the text installer severely limited in comparison with the functionality of a graphical installation mode. For example, there is no support for partitioning of disk partitions, specify the methods of storage and package selection;
During the installation process on systems with less than 4 GB of RAM, you may receive the error "Insufficient memory to configure kdump!", Which can be ignored;
Content builds for i386 and x86_64 architectures do not fit on one DVD, so I had to break the install image into two parts. The second disc contains only the packages section of "Optional", ie in most cases should be enough of the first disk;
In the directory images / no longer available file boot.iso, which should be used instead of netinstall.iso;
There are problems with the launch of an Ethernet interface using the system is enabled by default NetworkManager;
To start the installation from the LiveCD / LiveDVD in graphical mode requires a minimum of 512 MB of RAM for systems with less RAM, you can run a terminal and manually run the command "liveinst"