Mac OSX 10.7.2 Lion Image for VMware 2011

Mac OSX 10.7.2 Lion Image for VMware 2011 | 5.7 GB
Before you pre-image of the operating system Mac OS X Lion c updates on 18.10.2011, and applications designed to run under VMware.

Established that:
VMware Tools, the driver of the project VMsvga2, Opera, Skype, Plist Edit Pro, VLC, CleanMyMac

List of "technical" fixes include the following items:
- The possibility of restructuring the space program and the desktop in full screen in Mission Control;
- The possibility of drag and drop files between the desktop space and programs in full screen mode;
- Elimination of the problems that led to a lack of a menu bar in programs in full screen mode;
- Raising the level of compatibility when synchronizing Google contacts in Address kgnige;
- Elimination of the problem in which temporarily ceased to respond to Keynote;
- Raising the level of compatibility with VoiceOver Launchpad;
- Elimination of the problems that led to a delay after connecting to the network after exiting sleep mode;
- The ability to upload in the "Restore Lion? with a locally attached disk backup Time Machine;
- Elimination of the problem, which led to failure in the work function change of scale screen;
- Improved support for Active Directory.
- This version fully working Facetime

Configuring VMware Workstation
1. VMware:
1.1 We go into the settings vmware: edit -> preferences (ctrl p)
1.2 Tab priority -> input grabbed set priority high (if the cursor virtualke, then give it a high priority for programs)
1.3 The tab memory. Look how much we are allowed to use memory and set the maximum An opportunity count. Just put radiobatton to "fit all virtual machine memory into reserved host RAM" (we reserve the right part of the RAM and do not give it to other processes, but not virtualke share it with other virtual machines).
2. Configuring Virtual Machine already vm-> settings (ctrl D)
2.1 Memory -> set the maximum that can (see paragraph above)
2.2 Processor -> set the top number of physical cores (I have a mobile i3, is a 2 physical and 2 HT, I put 2), the virtual is not our (reserve 1). VMware is very crooked their kloniruet.Otklyuchat 3D acceleration - you can share the folder nelzya.Takzhe etc.

System requirements:
Intel processor that supports VT-x and SSE3, VMware Workstation 7.1 and Vyshe.2 GB of RAM

Extras. Information:
Processor must support virtualizatsiyu.V BIOS must be enabled virtualization.