TruTOPS Suite 2.1.0 MULTiLANGUAGE | 6.25 GB

Thesoftware and solutions ideally support TRUMPF user in solving theproblems of sheet metal. Beginning with design solutions that take intoaccount the characteristics of sheet metal, and specialized systemsprogramming to management proposals the entire production process andindividual development.
Ergonomically designed with modern concepts of production management
Save time and maximize the functions of the machine
The software covers all the processes - from design to production management
The software, along with the growing demands of production
Savings, for example, by optimizing the use of the material
Uncompromising quality - including, for software
SheetAdvisor - effective design of complex three-dimensional sheet structures
TruTops Convert - Automatic conversion of existing CAD files
TruTops Unfold - instant scan three-dimensional data with the corresponding parameters of the production targets
TruTops CAD - fast and easy creation of designs that take into account features of sheet metal
Oursoftware is all to the user experience on their company TRUMPFmachines. Modern user interfaces allow to program in compliance with thepersonal habits. Intuitive and easy learning process will facilitatethe daily work with the user software TruTops.
TruTops Laser - for effective and reliable control programs for customer laser machines
TruTops Punch - ideal support in cutting and combination treatment
TruTops Bend - press brake programming parallel main processes
TruTops Tube - first steps with TRUMPF in the treatment of three-dimensional design of pipes and tubes
TruTops Cell - make complex three-dimensional processing of simple