iLife '11 (2011) Full DMG [Disk Utility]

iLife '11 (2011) Full DMG [Disk Utility] | 2,88 Gb

This is the iLife '11 DVD, just got the DVD and converted it as a DMG image file using Disk Utility.

Update: Do not use StuffIt to extract RAR files ... use UnrarX instead, or use a command-line unrar.

Update: Many of you are asking if it can work with the iLife '09 ... what I have discovered (and others also) is that it automatically updates your old iLife to '11 ... so, you don't have to worry about a thing.

Update: Some of you guys are asking whether this has been tested or not. Well, let me tell you this: it's my upload, and I tested it myself. If you need more testing still, you can find through the pages of this topic how others have found it ... you will find that it is good.
Here are some:

Note that this does not require any serial number and it's legit, so just install. Also, if you worry about the links ... don't! I have a 100 Mbps server which I use for uploading, and it will be very quick; plus, I upload the same file so you don't have to redownload what you already have.