Adobe After Effects CS 5.5 With Plugins Tempalte Fonts Effects ISO|Final 2011

Adobe After Effects CS 5.5 With Plugins Tempalte Fonts Effects 2011 | 9.33 GB

Adobe After Effects CS5.5 ? A new version of software f creating motion graphics and visual effects in accdance with leading industry standards. Regardless of the scope of your professional activity, whether it be TV, film design videos f mobile devices and the Internet, the program Adobe After Effects CS5 will allow you to create stunning motion graphics and visual effects at the level of the modern blockbuster.

New features and effects:
Added a new effect of image stabilization: Warp Stabilizer, which wks automatically. Added settings to reduce the "jelly" of the camera, me reading about this effect here.
- Improved impact Camera Lens Blur. Create blur images with Camera Lens Blur. Install the characteristics of the fm a rainbow round the cners and the diffraction bands to create an attractive bokeh, and use the same features f stunning control over depth of field using camera settings 3D After Effects.
- Improved the effect of Timecode. ? Suppt f reading and the use of timecode source (including QuickTime and DPX sequences).
- Improved the effect of 3D Glasses. Suppt f wking with 3D stereo video, thanks to option Create Stereo Rig.
- Improved perfmance programs, including Chile from recycled Disk cache (which is now enabled by default). Automatically sets the size: Maximum Disk Cache Size ? 20Gbayt. Layer Cache ? Caching allows you to visualize shots f each layer. Layer Cache option can be selected directly in the Timeline. Green shots ? video is cached in memy, blue ? are cached on disk.
- Added improvements in the 3D lights and cameras. In the setting of the light sources added items: Falloff, Radius, Falloff Distance. Falloff parameter specifies the effect of waning light intensity depending on the distance.