Lexware: Lexware Fehlzeiten 2012

Lexware: Lexware Fehlzeiten 2012

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Genre: Software

If holiday is booming, the personnel department has its hands full. Get professional help absenteeism with Lexware. You have all holiday and absenteeism in your company in mind and can avoid duplication and staff shortages.
Overview of all holiday and absenteeism in the operating
Calculates statutory, collective and individual leave entitlements
Any creation and management of all types of leave and
specific periods of absence, special leave and additional leave
Clear entry module for the intuitive usability of the booking calendar, including graphical input screen of absenteeism

For small and mediumsized enterprises: the professional management of leave and absenteeism

Better organization in planning
Miscarriages and vacation time may never come at the expense of the company. They therefore supported Lexware absenteeism with a particularly clear workforce planning. Divided into calendar pages any time you have any vacation time at a glance. Companyspecific absenteeism can create any kind as you.

Less handles for you
Who can claim as much Lexware absenteeism takes care of the calculation according to age and seniority, and will also show the minimum statutory holiday. Further time savings gives you to create electronic applications for leave, including email and the active control in the absence of representatives test collection.

knowing where
Lexware absenteeism offers free access to Lexware ServiceCenter. Here you will find wide range of technical expertise and answers to all your questions on the topic of personnel