J Chris Griffin Keys Vol 1: D6 Clavinet (Multiformat)

J Chris Griffin Keys Vol 1: D6 Clavinet (Multiformat) | 509MB

The Hohner D6 Clavinet helped define an era of music making during the 1970s. Some of the classic funk, soul and disco records of all time used the D6 for that gritty, funky sound that only it can make.
Chris went into the world-renowned Avatar Studios (formerly Power Station)h for several days and sampled their D6 Clavinet, using similar signal paths to the recordings done over 30 years ago.
The speakers were micd with Neuman U-87 and U-47 FET microphones, running through Neve 1073 pres and finally through Apogee converters on the way into Pro Tools?.
The room mics were Coles 4038s run through Pultecs and Apogee converters before Pro Tools?.
The DI was an Avalon D5. Chris meticulously hyper-sampled this popular vintage keyboard at different velocities and went through the tedious process of setting up instrument patches for the EXS 24, Kontakt, as well as created a Refill.
Chris offers separate DI, Amp and Room samples, giving users the ability to blend the samples to their liking.