Ultimate Amiga Collection 10.5.8 MAC

Ultimate Amiga Collection 10.5.8 MAC | 1,82 Gb[/center]
MostAmiga systems included in this package should be installed to improveGUI that was developed specifically for use with Amiga emulators for Mac/ PC. (Screenshots included)
All systems are preinstalled, preconfigured and optimized for maximum interaction with the user.
In addition, custom applications running OSX for each set of Amiga have been included for your convenience.
It is strongly recommended that you place the folder in the main AmigaBox application folder before you start.

Download Provider - Heroturko.com

Please note that you must install SDL.FRAMEWORK INCLUDED OR OTHERWISE E-UAE refuses LAUNCH!

As a bonus, I added a huge collection of oldskool Amiga game demo discs, Modmusic, Diskmags, icons and other audio files.
Mostof the included games, specially prepared on the hard drive version anddo not require the attachment of the external image of the ADF.