Adobe Premiere Elements v10.0 by m0nkrus

Adobe Premiere Elements v10.0 by m0nkrus | 1.69 GB

The new version of the entry-level video editor Adobe Premiere Elements 10 for Windows. Among the features introduced in this release, you can provide new tools for rapid image correction. For example, you can now just one click to fix problems with color gamut video. With Premiere Elements is easier to make 10 slide show of photos and an opportunity to more flexibly manage its settings. While playing a slideshow, you can do, "hitting" on people who are depicted in the photo. Thus, face recognition is automatic.

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For those who does not like to spend much time on design video series, offering new threads InstantMovie, allows you to create colorful video from existing footage in seconds. Finished movies can be exported in AVCHD, maintaining the quality of the source video. Finally, it is worth noting the improved performance of the program with 64-bit version of Windows 7.

? Turning photos into amazing movies
Relive your photos with pan and zoom effects, make your story a dramatic or funny. Automated features themselves will find and allocate the face and apply effects to pan and zoom.

? Convenient color correction or improvement
Automatically increases the brightness and saturation of colors without affecting the color. Separately adjust the color of the bright regions, shadows or midtones.

? HD quality on standard DVD-ROM
Record movies in HD quality affordable DVD-drives, using the standard recording device.

? Quick demonstration on popular websites
Import the video and instantly upload to Facebook and YouTube, and quickly publish the finished film on Facebook.1

? Faster adding tags to photos with your friends list on Facebook
Use your list of friends on Facebook, for what would soon celebrate the people in your photos, and then easily upload the photos on Facebook.

? Quick search for photos on the subject
Want to find images that are captured his surfboard, his grandmother's house or the Eiffel Tower? The search function will automatically find pictures of objects, depending on what they depict.

? Exports in the AVCHD format
Demonstrate movies in high-quality format AVCHD.

? All the benefits of the 64-bit Windows 7
Quickly and with a stable result edit material due to 64-bit operating system Windows 7.

? Unusual results due to new opportunities for creativity
Make your movies fun with new themes, templates, online albums and more.

? A better sound on a Mac
Using a Mac for editing? Now you can use the SmartSound, in order to add a different sound tracks, which are automatically adjusted in accordance with the duration of the film.

| Main features:
? The original ESD-distributions of the program, containing four language supplemented language packs so that the distributions are now available in 14 languages.
? By the Installer program menu added Box-adapted versions. Made it in the image of the same menu for the product line of CS4.
? The distributions are integrated with an update to Adobe Camera Raw to version 6.5.067.
? The distributions are integrated with Adobe Air update to version
? The installer program integrates serial number, and the Crack folder contains detailed instructions and additional tools for activation.

Title: Adobe Premiere Elements
Version: 10
Platform: Windows XP/Vista and Windows 7


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