Industrial Strength Dubstep Ammo Multiformat Reup

Industrial Strength Dubstep Ammo Multiformat | 965 MB

DubstepAmmo is produced by non-other than LAs 6Blocc. Its time to get downand dirty as Industrial Strength invades your DAW with a new arsenal ofthe hottest Dubstep sounds on the planet. 6Blocc brings an exclusive setof sounds, one-shots and loops from his personal collection all in onebanging royalty-free sample pack.
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Dubstep Ammo features over 450 samples and contains 439 MB of pure banging Dubstep just the way you like it.

Thisman is known to many in the world of DnB as R.A.W. or B-Boy 3000. Hisreputation behind the decks is unmatched with lightning fast scratchingand seamless mixing. As a producer and remixer he is leading theAmerican Dubstep scene like no other.

6Blocc got his start wayback in the late 80s mixing Hip Hop and Electro in his home town of LosAngeles. By the early 90s he moved into Jungle and took the U.S. bystorm.

Since then, he has touched down in Japan, Australia,Canada, Russia, Europe, Israel, Mexico, Venezuela, and every major cityin the USA delivering booming bass and booty shaking drum beats tocountless crowds.

When 6Blocc isnt wrecking the turntables hes in the studio cranking out the most insane Dubstep productions and remixes.

Currentlyhe is working with Cypress Hill producer DJ Muggs on a Hip Hop andDubstep project, and will soon work with San Frans Bassnectar!

6Blocchas also knocked out remixes for artists such as Lutan Fyah, ChuckFender and Lexxus, Dub FX, Dstar, Unbalanced Jack, Don Goliath,Roommate, Jaybird, Bombaman, Deformer, Matt Green, and NortecCollective.

His smoking hot record label 6DUB is an outlet forhis hottest Dub plates through a series he calls I Dubs (illegal dubs!)featuring Dubstep remixes of Fugees, Dr Dre, Method Man and Redman, andBone Thugz n Harmony.

6Blocc is also featured on Lo Dubs,Terminal Dusk, Moonshine, and has an upcoming full length LP on FoulPlay Records. There is no stopping this man as his passion for bassculture music is evident in his production work and DJing.

Thisbad boy sample pack features Acid WAV, Apple Loops and REX2 for drop androck performance on all the loops provided in the pack. Each sample iskeyed and clearly labelled for ease of use. All the samples are recordedat 24-Bit/44.1khz to give you the best quality samples for yourproductions or remixes.

Dubstep Ammo features a wickedselection of one-shots all in Battery3, Logic ESX and of course NIsMaschine. This highly usable pack also features 29 whopping Kontakt kitswith the all best sounds from the pack at your fingertips.

Thepack is jammed with wobble bass sounds, booming effects bombs, grindingsynth loops and of course rumbling sub bass sounds to shake n bake yourDAW like no other Dubstep pack on the market.

It does not stopthere. The pack is loaded with a selection of Tearout bass patterns,bass drills, stabs and a slew of effect sweeps, atmospheric sounds andsome of his personal Skank Synth loops to get your party started right.

DubstepAmmo also features vocal samples from L.A.s Dubstep lyricist MC Woesto give you everything you need to get that true 6Blocc sound in yourDAW.

If youre looking for a Dubstep sample pack that can delivertop-notch sounds with L.A. attitude from one of the best producers inthe business, then get ready to lock and load Dubstep Ammo into yournext production or remix.