BCDW Pharaon Reanimator 2011 (x86-x64)

BCDW Pharaon Reanimator 2011 (x86/x64) | 1.17 GB

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Multiboot CD assembly BCDW pharaon reanimator designed to test and resuscitation computer, as well as data recovery and password cracking system, etc.
Which includes:
The boot disks:
Acronis True Image 2009 rus - Create / restore image partition HDD. The most stable (from boot) version, which is all wood, and a fully working area safe. Includes safe and full version. If it can not boot into the full version, you should use a secure (though it has no network support and security zone). In contrast to this new version in 2011 did not see the security zone, and the version for 2012 generally hangs at the stage of the review of the future location of the image.

Acronis Disc Direktor Suite rus - Creation / deletion / partition association HDD. An old but very relevant still version. It consists of a safe and full. When not work the full version there is nothing left to do, how to secure loads. In contrast to this new version for 2011 divides the sections with a resolution of less than one cylinder (about 7.8 mb), which IMHO is unacceptable at all, since after often remain unallocated space on 1mb. Despite such a miserable loss to the extent it is fundamentally wrong for the hard disk, namely the actuator.

Acronis OS Selector rus - Selector boot between operating systems (Windows 7 WARNING NOT SUPPORTED) and boot from removable media (FDD, CD, DVD, USB), as well as from the security zone, if the Acronis True Image recovery was activated at boot time. In contrast to this proven new version does not support recovery under load, so for those who do not pass on this version of Windows 7 the most up to date.

Windows PE full CD Sun Bear - Bootable CD by XaseR version of 01.04.2009. IMHO because of outdated and under-utilized programs remade many retained only the most necessary and updated and new versions of antivirus databases. To be fair yield of the new version of Windows PE full CD Sun Bear at 06/16/2010. But as in the previous Internet does not work on many computers. Attempts to add the network driver from the wood-pack or to have failed - probably the most bug WINDOWS. Moreover, unlike the old, the new version no longer run on old machines, even if we apply the change in the image file, which is responsible for the amount of virtual disk, as advised by himself Haser. Hence the conclusion of a new version of the fail - remain at the old with only a few desired bend.

Hiren's Boot CD v14.1 rus - set of DOS utilities Hiren version of 17.09.2011. Long and perfectly proven zagruzochnik not need an introduction. Due to lack of space on DOS only option, and the package running under Windows itself and the original Windows PE removed.

The boot floppy:
SyMon - Unsurpassed multiboot unparalleled in the world. Placed directly with BCDW through the integrated DOS in a virtual disk. The license is built! The author recommends that the program put in FDD or HDD to save your settings, backup the MBR and other things, but if you use Acronis True Image images section and keeping the MBR, including, the implementation of this recommendation IMHO it is not necessary.

PQBoot - switch operating systems available. Necessary in cases having to install two or more systems. The command line interface, which specify the number of the order. To pay attention to the orientation of the file system type and size.
Loader for win98 - MS-DOS 7.0 boot to install Windows 95/98. On the old campaign with a storage capacity up to 128 MB will not boot with the above drive without glitches. Also, when you need to install Windows 95/98 can not do without MS-DOS v7.0 Ram Drive Volkov Commander.

Kolibri rus - boot floppy "Kolibri" of 13.12.2009. Created by our skilled craftsmen operating system with graphical user interface, fit on a floppy. Admiration is the fact that its closest relative Menuet far behind in its capabilities and beauty.

In the root directory is a folder with the same name MPR program last fully working version. This and some other specific programs in your mcpe \ hack \ and \ System32 \ can be identified as viruses, despite the fact that the viruses out there and there is no trace. It's just that these programs work and so everyone who wakes up to use them, by the way at your own risk and should be a fully conscious.

Specifically for hunters for the latest version is laid out is an additional boot image with Acronis latest versions of EXE current on the day of assembly. Also present on this disc file with all working keys. Write to CD 800mb, or remove (eg using UltraISO) are unnecessary and write on a regular CD.

System Requirements: PII, 128MB RAM or more