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The software package Allplan provides a single tool design, which will be an invaluable asset to your project office or construction firm. Also present in the assembly training videos Allplan (Architecture, Engineering networks,
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reinforcement, work with DTM)
The software package Allplan provides a single tool design, which will be an invaluable asset to your project office or construction firm. The spectrum of its functionality is extremely large and diverse and covers all stages of the design work, from preliminary design to detailed design of project plans. This unique system combines all the necessary tools of computer graphics and drawing data. It also uses a set of data necessary and universal user interface.
With Allplan software package you can with the most profitable part to demonstrate the fundamental innovation and the characteristics of their design ideas. It will provide you with invaluable assistance in the organization of competitive shows and presentations, preparation and submission of construction documents, sketches, drawings and random models, and to create high-quality images and movies. In addition, working with this program, you can always use the view virtual models designed by you of buildings and structures

Fast screen refresh
The kernel schedules Allplan 2011 in many parts completely re-designed and fully now uses a high speed of modern graphics cards. Especially in projects with large amounts of data rapidly accelerated screen updating. A useful role as a new rapid calculation of hidden lines in the model. Thanks to architects to real-time travel to hide the display of the virtual building.
Varied preview
So as a designer you frequently use a different color than when printed on a plotter, a preview of the 2011 version gives you the opportunity to see how it will look on paper drawing. Another novelty is that you can not only work in animation window sketch, but also directly in the preview window in a color or grayscale.
Automatic Update

Allplan Architecture from the 2011 version offers automatic update feature. This ensures that your software is always the current state of the system. As well as updating Windows, you can choose between a "full automatic" or reset upon request. Automatic update is valid for a particular job, and in case of installation for workgroups.
Allplan Architecture 2011 supports over 50 file formats, including the current DWG file format for AutoCAD 2010/2011. Improved interface in addition IFC. Through the advanced settings can be individually set which items should be submitted. Allplan in its new version also supports file formats STL and SKP. With their help, may derive 3D-model of the 3D-printer, or send directly to Google SketchUp or place them in Google Earth.
For all conceivable tasks are available pre-defined reports, graphic design in new ways and having a uniform appearance. A novelty is the Report Viewer Report Viewer.
It shows the records as they would later be printed. Can also export to Excel or to a file in PDF. Editor layouts (Layout Editor) allows you to easily change settings such as font type, color, borders, row height and column width, or add your logo. Thanks to the default settings quickly and elegantly tuned to the standards of your office. This new feature complements existing for many years the mechanism of the specifications.
New Options dialog
Allplan Architecture in the 2011 version offers a completely new way for a structured dialogue options. It is the center of all the program settings. In addition to personal settings such as background color and screen size of a cross that is centrally managed mapping rules, norms and standards bureau. Clearly structured dialogue enables intuitive use.
Thanks to the information symbols of user immediately realizes that it is configured with a particular parameter.

High-quality CAD objects
In the 2011 version the designer has at his disposal a large number of new systems are optimized for Allplan CAD objects and textures to create attractive designs and patterns. Starting from the basic offer is available to all users of Allplan, to libraries exclusively for clients with a service contract SSV, can be in-line view to perform pre-defined objects and CAD selected items simply download and install. In addition, all facilities are equipped with the identifier of the country, so it is possible targeted search even international projects.

What's New in Allplan 2011 Architecture
Allplan 2011 Architecture convince their capabilities, pointing to the future. The basis for this is a high degree of usability, impressive speed screen updates, seamless data exchange and use of the Internet as a central platform. Many of the improvements speed up the process of work and give more freedom in architectural design projects. An example is the new Options dialog, new reports and features an innovative design tools facades and fences.
For easy and quick work in the new version revised and simplified dialogue. With this you can now simply and clearly especially to organize your own tool box with individual objects. Additional acceleration of the design process allows automatic deduction width axes. A further innovation - the appointment of a facade textures, resulting in a photorealistic display appearance of the building is obtained without additional steps.
The solid fence
Allplan 2011 offers almost unlimited possibilities for the design of fences, walls, fences or other linear, evenly divided elements. For example, you can highlight a special way the corners of fences, set the height difference or split fence on a lot of individual segments. This saves time and ensures high accuracy in the design. All elements of the fence are shown in 3D and may already be covered in the functions of fences textures. Thus there are not only fast renderer for the control design, and persuasive presentations.
Convenient reconstruction
Due to the reconstruction of the advanced features you will receive substantial support tools that take on the execution of processes in the design of reconstruction of formerly time-consuming and error prone. It does not matter whether the work is done in 2D, 3D, or in turn. In addition to the familiar reconstruction of the specifications, you can create new reports, including the number of elements. With the new version is also significantly faster and easier by the correct display of existing objects, demolition and new facilities, as well as seal and create openings in existing walls and ceilings

What's New in Allplan 2011 Design
Allplan 2011 Design assures its capabilities, opening wider horizons. The basis for this is a high user-friendliness, an impressive speed screen updates, trouble-free data exchange and use of the Internet as a central platform. Allplan 2011 Design includes many enhancements that simplify processing, reduce design time and improve performance.
With version Allplan 2011, many powerful additional features of reinforcement, such as, for example, the task of reinforcing fabric or shape of their location quickly and easily implemented through the properties panel. For an arbitrary form of bending can now input tied to the edges of the formwork. Thus, for example, you can design a reinforcement of foundations and stairs for a few steps and without the use of auxiliary lines. Further innovations are the algorithms for automatic recognition of the depth of placement or the intellectual anchor reinforcement to the polygonal geometry of the formwork.

Extras. Information: Latest version with all the changes in 2011, Russian HotFix, with normal treatment under win7 and Marketing module.

Training videos Allplan (Architecture, Engineering networks, reinforcement, work with DTM)
On the example of a hotel complex to understand:
Architecture - Work with toposmkami, modeling, working with the volumes and specifications. Creating space. Creating labels. Create specifications for the Standard.
Reinforcement - reinforcement rods and nets. Create drawings and specifications in accordance with GOST.
Engineering networks - ventilation, heating, water supply and sanitation - principles of operation. Create specifications for the Standard.