Prague Buddies 2 - XviD AVI
A smaller AVI of the main movie only.
Building on "Prague Buddies" sublime, poetic eroticism, "Prague Buddies 2" dares to delve into territory both sacred and profane. What other video in recent memory has had the guts to show a priest pulling his massive dick out of his cassock while peeping on an orgy between several gorgeous young men -- then delivering a volcanic, record-breaking cum-shot.

Cast: Jan Dvorak, Jirka Kalvoda, Pavel Korsakov, Mylan Forman, Libor Taborsky, Martin Bolshoi, Martin Pravda, Zdenek Romany, Roman Tomas, Ivan Romanoff, Jamom Ramon, Milan Dabelsky, Jarda Waldek, Marco Giacomo
Director: William Higgins
Studio: William Higgins