Linux Mint Debian Edition 9 x64 2011

Linux Mint Debian Edition 9 x64 2011 | 2.22 GB
Linux Mint Debian Edition 201 109 [i386 x86_64] (4xDVD) (EN) - a variant of the popular distribution Mint, which uses the model continuously updated (rolling release). LMDE is based on Debian testing and compares favorably with the version of Ubuntu-based Mint in terms of performance.In contrast to the distributions of Linux Mint, based on Ubuntu, version LMDE are floating and have in its name release date (in the format YYYYMM), but not the version with the code name. Build for x32 by default uses the kernel i486 for compatibility processors without PAE.
Short list of changes:

-Added functionality Mint 11;
-Improved installer (new layout options and localization, bug fixes);
In-fstab now uses UUID by default;
-Improved support for those gtk2/gtk3;
-Updated software and packages.