GeoVision DVR System v8.4.0.1 ENG DVD

GeoVision DVR System v8.4.0.1 ENG DVD | 1.97 GB

Built on the basis of a comprehensive, easily integrated hardware and diverse, modern technology, GeoVision security system is the basis for an optimal video monitoring and mnogofuktsionalnoy analytical processing of materials received, as well as global control and an extensive security system that can satisfy the highest demands. GeoVision system is easy to upgrade and expand its fuktsionalnye possible, and it can be adapted and fully integrated with some other applications and hardware.

In a nutshell - a program video, works with video capture cards Geovision GV-no less than 600. No charge will not run, there may be problems with the work of Chinese counterfeits of geovision (rare but happens). In the release: GeoVision DVR System v8.4.0.1 English


Support for 32 channels in the main system and applications centrally monitoring
Support for installation of two circuit boards vidohzahvata (*)
Digital Matrix to support up to 8 monitors
Integrating analog and digital video using the GV-IP solutions, IP cameras from other manufacturers. (*)
Codecs: Geo H264, Geo MPEG4 ASP, Geo H264 V2 (*)
Multithreading video (*)
Higher resolution (1920 x 1200, 1680 x 1050, 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 800, 1440 x 900 and 1920 x 1080)
Function ignore videopomeh motion detection
Fuktsiya ignore the video and audio interference to reduce the file size (*)
Filter video and audio noise (*)
Report generator
Supporting information from the card reader connected to the GV-Video Server
Support for touch screens
Full image
Ability to display and playback on two monitors
Image monitor for motion detection or on-call alarm
Advanced motion detection
Digital "watermark"
Determination of failure of video signal
Reported a loss of video signal on the screen
Video de-interlace filter
Windows lockup
Indicator of image size
Synchronization of video and audio
Backlight Compensation
Controller video signal amplification
Video scaling filter
Utility patch AVI
System Event Log
Support 1tys. Account
Multilevel security
Ability to use Microsoft Remote Desktop to control another GV-System
Twin DVR
Integrated I / O device control
Built-in PTZ control panel
Support for dynamic IP-address
Manage-life passwords
Protection system is idle
Spot Monitor Controller
POS Live Viewer
Photo-ID Integration (GV-WT)
Counter HDD (Hard Disk Calculator)
Authentication Server
Color mode for better video color

Recording and playback
Choosing skrosti record 12, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400 and 960 fps
Recording modes: non-stop, motion, alarm and schedule
Customizing the quality and speed for each camera
Support for pre-and post-entry
Support for writing program CD / DVD Windows XP / Server 2003
Prerecord to your hard drive
Advanced settings clock records
Instant Replay
The combination of different segments of recording video clips
Backing up large files on multiple disks
Select individual frames from a movie during playback
Join the special files for Daylight Savings Time
Reproduction of GPS coordinates with GV-Compact DVR and GV-Video Server

32-channel recording and playback in real time

Video analysis
Enhanced motion detection
Counting the number of people
Anxiety penetration
Face detection
Privacy Mask
Enhanced detection of abandoned and missing items
Determining the change in environment
Improved identification of changes in climate
Improved automatic opredeline objects
Improved definition of the missing objects
Panoramic views
Video stabilization
Function of removing the fog
Determination of the crowd
Object tracking and approximation by PTZ domes
Optical tracking of an object
Counting the number of persons

Advanced search and easy listening
Search events by length of time (Timeline)
Photo-identification object on the image face
Search facility
Index search
Pointer items
Frame Viewer for easy searching for a movie
Creating videorofragmenta for a certain period of time
Synchronize audio and video playback mode and vopsproizvedeniya
Continuous Playback fragment with a frame for frame B
Create a file with an EXE extension for playback on any player
Create a file with the format of AVI in multi mode
Create a file in DVD format for the file format of hybrid maps
Trigger function for alarm inputs "never delete"
Backup and save as AVI and BMP vo LAN ViewLog
Automatically update the list videosobyty in LAN ViewLog

Alert for E-mail with an attached video file by motion detection or alarm activation device
Alert for E-mail or phone in case of video loss or error I / O devices
Move the PTZ camera to a preset position on the motion or an alarm
An alarm via SMS to the main system, applications, Center V2 and Vital Sign Monitor
An alarm when passing objects between selected zones

WebCam - remote monitoring
View the POS in real time via IE browser
Support for mobile 3G phones (3GPP)
Support for SSL encryption
Support for UPnP T
Information on the control panel and Single View
Poderzhkoy PIP, PAP, picture enhancing features in the smoke and the image stabilizer to Single View
Time Limit access WebCam, depending on the user level
Request Event Log
Access to the Update Center
Support functions Drag-and-Drop Icons for cameras, PTZ cameras and ustroysv I / O in the two windows Windows MPEG4 Encoder Viewer
Remote E-map (E-Map)
Surfacing 'live' images when triggered input devices on a remote E-Map
Audio Broadcast

Improved management of I / O
Visual Automation
Virtual control of I / O devices
Status of control I / O devices
The choice of multiple types of I / O devices
Function of the trigger latch

Support for mobile phones
Splitting the screen into 4, 9, and 16 parts
Konrol for PTZ camera by pressing the direction
Switching between channels by pressing the middle
Support for Nokia S60 third-generation

Managing profiles
The choice of interface skins
Choose the type of display start-monitor video channel inactive, windows video loss
Optimization fuktsy system by the user
Simple configuration backup and restore the original look of the system
Templates-customization options videoregitratora

Software Remote Monitoring
Remote Viewing
IP Multicast Protocol
Remote Playback System
G-View for WinCE PDA
BlackBerry Phone

IT Technology
Network Protection RSA
Identification Server: central control to establish passwords for the local systems GV-DVR

GeoVision system is easy to upgrade and expand its fuktsionalnye possible , and it can be adapted and fully integrated with applications and hardware such as:
1. POS / ATM / EAS - video surveillance for cash transactions, ATM transactions, EAS equipment
2. Access control system, building automation
3. Plate recognition system for the organization of admission to the parking and improve traffic enforcement on highways and city streets.
4. Integration megapiksilnymi IP cameras to get a clearer picture of critical areas
5. Creating a central monitoring point for krupnomashtabnyh projects (production, office buildings, apartment complexes)

In addition , the application provides remote access WebCam, as well as an additional backup system (GV Storage System) can be included in a complex system consisting of multiple remote servers.

Releases released: 2011
Version: v8.4.0.1 (ENG)
Developer: GeoVision
Resolution: 32/64 bits
Compatible with Windows 7/Vista: full