Maxwell render Retail version _2.6

Maxwell render Retail version 2.6 | 769 MB

MaxwellRender is acclaimed as a landmark in next generation renderingtechnology, having produced the best quality images to date, andcontinues to be the leader in unbiased rendering for photorealisticimagery and advanced lighting, especially in architecture, interiordesign, product design, and film/animation production. Include MaxwellRender plugins for mostly popular 3D software.

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Whats new in NextLimit Maxwell Render 2.6
-Hair rendering: Introducing a new procedural rendering hair- compatiblewith the most popular hair systems (Shave & Haircut, Max Hair,Ornatrix).
- Particle rendering: New procedural primitive forparticles- compatible with the most popular particle systems (fluidparticles, 3dsMax).
- Support for Vector displacement.
- Much faster motion blur.
-Referenced MXS files: It is now possible to load references of MXSfiles in your main scene file, which are added only at render time,dramatically reducing export times especially for animations, andreducing scene transfer times when network rendering.
- Support for referenced materials has been added.
- Scripting: Maxwell Render SDK now includes a standalone python editor and scripting examples.
- Displacement: A new, faster displacement algorithm
- Big improvements in image processing, filtering and aliasing which enhances overall quality of the render.
- Customer support centre for everything from tutorials and tips, to scenes and scripts