Native Instruments - Reaktor 5.6.1 STANDALONE.V STi.RTAS x86 x64 UPDATE ONLY

Native Instruments - Reaktor 5.6.1 STANDALONE.V STi.RTAS x86 x64 UPDATE ONLY | 1.88 GB

Reaktor Reaktor v5.6.1 - Update a powerful module station Reaktor 5 . Reaktor 5 - powerful and flexible programming environment that will turn your computer into a professional synthesizer, sampler and audio signal processing. With a modular structure, the program allows you to build virtually any digital device that you can imagine. From a relatively simple analog synthesizer to a large modular system, from simple samplers - to the exotic, such as granular, from elementary delay lines to modules reverb.
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our creativity will have no limits! Reaktor 5 unite all audio applications into a single, extremely versatile and powerful tool. Musicians, producers and sound engineers, all fit the widest range of instruments and sounds included. In view of the open engine architecture, the potential for building your own individual instruments is endless. Are you using tools from the library or create your own, the only limit - your imagination. Reaktor 5 - is also an extraordinary sonic laboratory, its modular design frees you from the limitations of conventional systems. An extensive library of macros and modules combined with a transparent, user-friendly interface turns the construction of instruments in an intuitive process. Tools are now fully customizable and graphically replaceable. The fifth generation of this well-known modular studio offers completely new dimensions in designing and manufacturing tools. Technology Reaktor Core Technology T recessed into modular construction is best than ever before. Create your own customized modules; build unique filters, oscillators and create from scratch their own unique library.
What's new in v5.6.1
- All previous versions of windows have been merged into a single application window,
- a flexible scheme for windows custom workflow
- larger fonts, more contrast in color for added convenience;
- a new system of bookmarks for easy access to important places in the Structure;
- visual indication of focus keyboard
- repose Properties and Sample Map Editor to increase the consistency and convenience;
- Snapshot List modernized improved bank selection and editing;
- revised Sample Player / Recorder, fully integrated into the File Browser;
- master fader for the input and output volume,
- the main control Picture of Main Bar;
- a fresh look Toolbox (controls, faders, etc.);