Cast: Tommy Lord, Matt Fuller, Lance Gear, Eli Horst, Rob Kirk, Lark Larson, Aaron Parker, David Pierre, Peter Raeg, Jack Ryan, Parker Williams
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Screenwriter: Chris Steele
Non-Sexual: Robert Collins
Award-winning director Chi Chi LaRue grabs the reins for this sixth installment in the blockbuster Seven Deadly Sins series.
-Keeneye Reeves
If it were anyone else behind the camera, then this entry into the Seven Deadly Sins canon would be a triumph. The actors are all first-rate sex demons who are having some seriously sinful fun. But Greed is directed by Chi Chi LaRue, and with Chi Chi, I admit I’m greedy. I want the absolute best from him every time. This video is terrific, and you most assuredly will commit several (possibly even many) self-inflicted transgressions. Yet the whole is oddly less than the sum of the parts. I’m not quite sure why.