PalmerPC Bootable USB Utility Drive v3.4 with Illustrated Guide

PalmerPC Bootable USB Utility Drive v3.4 | 1.9GB

This is a great Windows utility compilation ? It was designed for the ultimate ?on the go? computer technician or any computer user with all the apps one will ever need to fix virtually any PC problem from a USB! It includes a USB key imaging program that makes the setup a literal no brainer.Multiple portable Windows apps and multiple bootable options. For repairs on ALL WINDOWS OS including Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
Run-time portable apps:
CCleaner Portable
Eusing Portable Registry Cleaner
Malwarebytes Portable
SUPERAntispyware Portable
Altiris RAPID-DEPLOY and Image Explorer
System Info Wizard
UBCD4Win Wintools
Hiren?s Bootdisk 15 Wintools
I/O Bit Smart Defrag
Portable Ultra ISO
USB Imaging Tool
Removers for AVG, McAfee, and Norton
Portable TeamViewer
End It All
Firefox Portable
Included in the bootable image are the following:
Ultimate Boot CD for Windows ?UBCD4WIN 3.6?
Hiren?s Mini XP and Hiren?s DOS boot 15
Functional Windows 7 Shell
Konboot for 32 bit password bypass of WIndows and Linux systems
AVG Rescue CD
SpinRite 6.0
Dell Diagnostic Partitions
**Be sure to checkout the embedded ?Read me? for repartitioning USB drives larger than 2 gigabytes.?