Map of Ukraine "NavLyuks" 2011 Q4 Img + Mapsourse + Mac + Updater

Map of Ukraine "NavLyuks" 2011 Q4 Img + Mapsourse + Mac + Updater | 2.67 GB

NavLyuks- a navigational chart and innovative product for car GPS-navigatorGarmin, made with the idea of a driver who needs a reliable navigationsystem for use in the realities of Ukrainian avtodorog.NavLyuks - is acontinuous process of updating and refinement, that is intended toensure the completeness and relevance of the navigation solution.

The list of configurations and options map

Added to fully function: the movement of the bands [Lane Assist],photo-annotation [Junction View], the speed limit, prohibition ofmaneuvers in time, yard driveways, navigate to the front [PointAddressing].
Updated map under extreme traffic conditions change (odnostoronky, bans maneuvers).
Updated and greatly expanded data base ROI

Kiev and suburbs
Fully refreshed and expanded database of POI, which now has 40 771 points.
Network commuter significantly updated, corrected and improved.
Adjusted accommodation and entrances to each cottage house, race on theterrain and the location of hospitals, hospital departments. Made thelast change.

Photo-isolation [Junction View]
Displaying photo-realistic scheme maneuver in complex interchanges added to
route Kyiv-Kharkiv
Kiev-Odessa highway
In general, added the most photo-142 annotations, the total number of 492.
Is supported devices nuvi 1390, 1490T, 2310, 2340, 2360, 2460, 2350 and 37 **

WARNING! Restored Support functions [Junction View] device nuvi 1390.

In complying with speed limits
The speed limit in accordance with the road signs added to
Odessa, Belgorod-Dniester, Ishmael
route Kyiv-Kharkiv
Kiev-Odessa highway

WARNING! Some ustroystvoy Garmin nuvi maintain no indication of the speed limit: 200/200W, 250/250W, 260/260W, 350.

The new coating
Added a new locality.
Updated 2 villages Fri
Thus, coverage is extended to 509 and settlements of Ukraine (274 large and 235 small).

Number of points of interest (POI) increased by 21 500. From now on the map NavLyuks 130 500 POI.

Long-distance crossings
Substantially revised, updated and refined network runs intercity in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Other improvements include:
update the route Kyiv-Kharkiv and Kiev-Odessa (added Junction View, Lane Assist, speed limits according to road signs);
processed 103 requests of users (for the period 01/07/2011 - 07/12/2011), which in NavLyuks made more than 150 configurations.

The map of house numbers in the mode of movement
Is supported devices nuvi 200/200W, 205/205W, 215/215W, 250/250W, 260/260W, 710, 715, 760

ATTENTION NEW FIRMWARE! It is undesirable to update the firmware(Firmware) with the official site of Garmin (via WebUpdater.exe).Firmware crude, the device may incorrectly display a map and randomlyshut down. Firmware update, you can return to the previous version(please contact customer support +380 44 294.00.10).

WARNING!Owners of the device model nuvi 250, 250W, 255, 255W, 265W, 750, 760and GVN53. If you have a map of Ukraine"NavLyuks" installed On SD-card or cardsissued programm update message that there was insufficient space on thedevice to install the card, you can implement only through the updateprogram MapSource[/center]

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