SolidProfessor SolidWorks 3D Skills Full Courses 2011 (windows)

SolidProfessor SolidWorks 3D Skills Full Courses 2011 (windows) | 4GB

SolidProfessor is one of the best SolidWorks video training and tutorial courses on the market. For designers and innovators, SolidWorks has the best future potential for income generation the world over. I've gone through the Inspirtech system of which was also helpful. As I understand after SolidWorks '08, much of the interface had been changed so this can also help hone the veteran user.
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The recommended order of instruction is:

Basic Modeling Concepts
Intro to 3D
AutoCAD to SolidWorks
Parametric Modeling.
Basic: Sketching, Parts, Assemblies & Drawings, Simulation.

Advanced Modeling Concepts
Sheet Metal
Mold Design
File Management
Top Down Design
Advanced: Sketching, Parts, & Assemblies.

Using Professional Add-Ins
Workgroup PDM
PhotoView 360
Advanced Surfacing

CSWP / CSWA Prep Courses
Videos to help prepare for the Certified SolidWorks Professional and Associates Examinations.

Using Premium Add-Ins
Simulation courses
Routing courses
TolAnalyst, DimXpert

Plus Update Training & Case Studies - Base Mechanisms/Parts & Assemblies