The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky (PSP/ENG/2011)

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky (PSP/ENG/2011)
PSP | Developer: Nihon Falcom Corp. | 1.32 Gb
Genre: RPG

Inthe peaceful town of Rolent of the Liberl Kingdom, a young girl namedEstelle and her friend Joshua, who had been taken in by her family yearsearlier, prepare to take their first steps to join the legendary guildof the Bracers. Bracers are considered the peacekeepers and protectorsof order that owe allegiance to no country or government. In Liberltheir guild has flourished since a brief war some ten years prior afteran invasion from the Erebonian Empire to the north, and their effortshave made peace a lasting prospect.

In the course of theirjourney to become full-fledged Bracers, Estelle and Joshua begin to seethe peace threatened by a dark side of the ruling government that plotsto overthrow the Liberl queen, Alicia. Together they travel the world ontheir quest to become Bracers and slowly unravel the truth behind themastermind who seeks to bring war back to their borders.

Game Features:

-The Legend of Heroes Series Returns to PSP in Top Form - After a briefhiatus since its last release in January 2007, this latest The Legend ofHeroes title kicks off a new trilogy and brings this innovative RPGseries to new heights.
- Amazing Original Soundtrack - Anotherhighly-acclaimed soundtrack from the renowned music department atdevelopment house Falcom, 57 original tracks set the mood for thismoving tale.
- Dynamic and Unique Strategic Combat System - Allenemies are visible on the field map with no random battles, and once anenemy is engaged a strategic turn-based system includingcharacter-based, weapon-based, and item-based special skills, and acustomizable magic scheme, reveals an engrossing and deep battle system.
-The Biggest Adventure to Ever Appear on a Handheld System - A powerfuland emotional main story including a large and well-developed cast ofcharacters combine to make an epic tale spanning well over 50 hours ofcore gameplay.

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