Deep Data Loops - Rene Breitbarth Loops Vol 2 (WAV) | 508MB

After the success of his first collection, Rene Breitbarth goes ahead and improves this episode of loops to the max.
Much more variations and possibilities are now given with 386 sound and drum loops (508 MB).
Beats have more parts, and by this, more access to the single elements in it and Melodies come with wider changes.
Thusmainly created for building Deep House tunes, Rene Breitbarth LoopsVol.2 can also be used for cool Tech House or Minimal Techno tracks.

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Whats in the collection
BeatLoops “ 129 massive beats with up to 6 variations. each one comes alsowithout Bass Drum. That means you I?ll find as well Top- Loops here.
BassLoops “ 42 deep and heavy basslines. you I?ll find their matchingmelodies in the synth-loops folder “ easily recognized by the same loopnumber. but they also work differently combined.
Rhythmic FX Loops “> 80 percussion like Effect Loops for spicening up your tunes.
SynthLoops “ 64 analog synth lines with up to 9 changes. Much variety here:smooth and pushing lines, providing maximal feeling.
Music Loops “ 32Main theme loops consisting of basslines and melodic additions -organic deep stuff with up to 4 variations for quick song success.
Chords Loops “ 39 chord harmonies which lead you easily to main themes of your tracks.


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