Scene 1: Australian and blond new-comer Sean "Long Dong" Davis walks away from the shining water of the port, with his backpack across his shoulder and his bubble butt stuffed into a pair of tight blue jeans, and wanders the streets of San Francisco until he meets up with handsome Chip Daniels and big-eyed Chuck Hunter. In a huge shower with one whole wall made of glass blocks, Sean fucks Chuck's hungry mouth while Chip devours Sean's ass. They unfold into a daisy chain formation before fucking each other leapfrog style.

Scene 2: Sean Davis hits the road looking for a friend at a warehouse but instead runs into the bulky dark frame of Spanish-speaking Eddie Resi. After doing a little of the international body language of fucking with Eddie's uncut dick Sean seals the scene with some hot, hot 'Down Under' fucking.

Scene 3: Sean Davis heads off and starts looking for an apartment to rent. He wraps himself in a blond-on-blond duo with Jeff Hamilton landing him the lease. They're soon discovered by the real landlord and Sean sets back again for the outdoors.

Scene 4:Sean Davis (in a non-sexual role) wanders smack into the Castro's gay pride celebration. He cruises three leather men, Matt Gunther, Ray Butler and Jarod Clark, and imagines them in a black room with enormous dildos sliding in an out of their anal sphincters, leather straps around their cocks, and a double dildo joining them at the rear-end.

Scene 5: On the way home from getting groceries, Sean Davis spies into the window of Tom Katt and Glenn McAllister's kitchen as they lick down each other's muscled and buffed body and fuck on the counter and over a chair. Katt spreads it deep for McAllister's large cock. Davis splashes is own cum on the outer door to their kitchen and then makes haste.