Battlefield 3 Update3 + DLC Back to Karkand (2011/ENG/RUS)
PC Game | Developer: EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 4.09 GB
Genre: FPS

Battlefield 3 leaves behind all its competitors, thanks to the incredible power of the new game engine Frostbite 2 from DICE. In this work of art based the entire Battlefield 3, offering the player a great quality of graphics, locations of incredible magnitude, the total destruction of objects, dynamic sound and realistic character animation.

General fixes:
. Increased overall stability of the game and corrected some flights.
. Fixed a problem with the timer recovery, which now shows the blue stripes on the screen and lost the point of regeneration.
. Fixed an issue where the player is caught in a queue on the server at the end of the round, all the time, saw the revival of the screen and could not do anything until the next map is loaded.
. Fixed an issue where killkam switched to a form of third person on servers killkam disabled in settings.
. Corrected the description of some coins.
. Fixed patch for the supervision, do not count points for the use of T-UGS
. Fixed the minimap border neprorisovannye card Grand Bazaar in Capture mode.
. Moved to a place of rebirth of American tanks on the map Caspian Border, now they do not destroy the fallen tree.
. Fixed a problem with the voice acting during the installation C4, when a Russian soldier, played for the United States.
. Fixed a problem of remote control with a missile, which could turn around and destroy the helicopter, which it was released.
. Fixed a problem with the shooting of weapons homing without a goal.
. Fixed a chat, now it will be easier to read.
Fixed a problem with a technique that produced rockets "by sight".
. Fixed laser at G17 with a silencer.
. Added new color interface, to help people having problems with the perception of colors.
. Added a setting Internet channel of distribution that allows players with high bandwidth to reduce your ping, but it can add lag. The optimal variant would be to pick up, adjusting the "slider".
. Increased the radius of the revival of the players in TDM.
. Fixed a problem with the concealment of smoke on some machines. Now rockets will miss more often.
. Fixed an issue where players could use the IR-HB in any technique.
. Fixed an issue where a player on the run jumping over the fence into the water, died.
. Fixed an issue where the player could not revive the other two, when they lie on each other.
. Now you can assign joystick axis as a button that allows players to use sticks as PC gas \ brake.
. Fixed a problem with killkamom operate at suicide by parachute.
. Fixed air radar information overload. Now on the radar are only visible marked by laser equipment, enemy missiles and the point of capture.
. Fixed problem with hanging game by pressing the ESC key and the tilde at the same time.
. Fixed green flicker on the screen.
. You can reassign the button to change weapons.
. Fixed an issue where, with the included switching sight (not holding the button) takes aim weapon does not automatically after you install it on a bipod.
. Now the chute does not stay in the air, after its owner died.
Correction of balance:
. Fixed some trunks, so that now the muffler on them working properly and does not light up on the radar of the owner.
. Reduce the brightness of the tactical lights, and now they are not blind to the long distances.
. Fixed an infrared sight, he now has limited vision.
. Decreased ability to camouflage masking Spec Ops.
. Fixed a bug where an additional 40-mm grenades gave no additional perk for explosives and perk for extra ammo.
. Now, anti-tank mines only 20 seconds to live after the death of their owner. This will prevent the "eternal mines." (We want to remake the correction in the future, as long as the experiment).
. Increased the term "life" of sniper bullets in order to bring opportunity to hit a distant target.
. Corrected the description, gauges, and the rate of firing in Battloge, characteristics of the weapons themselves have not changed.
. Now the M9 and MR-443 can take everything, regardless of the team, you just need to shoot them 100 murders.
. Fixed laser-guided missiles, which could not hit a target that is moving too fast.
. Reduced effectiveness of "stealth" technology to the air.
. Reduced effectiveness of the radar on the aircraft.
. Lowered the damage of antiaircraft ground equipment.
. Slightly reduced the accuracy of all weapons when firing long bursts, are better to shoot in short bursts at medium-long distances.
. Increased accuracy of machine guns firing from the bipod.
Slightly increased range patronov.44 defeat.
. Increased the damage at close range for ammunition 4.6? 30mm and 5.7? 28.
. Pause between shots mortars now 3.5 sec., And 4.8 sec. Also increased the time before the mine will reach the ground.
. Reduced accuracy bonus given by the muffler so the trunks as: MP7, P90, PP2000, PP-19 and UMP45.
. Increased range and SOFLAM designators on art.
. Reduced efficiency of fragmentation rounds for semi-automatic shotguns and.
. Increased efficiency of aircraft guns, especially against helicopters.
. Reduced damage from minigun caused by planes and helicopters.
. Increased the damage, "Stingers" against the aircraft.
. Increased recharge time of IR-traps.
. Fixed an AN-94 "Abakan" to better fit with the real sample. Added a mode of firing single shots.
. Slightly increased output M416 and removed the regime of shooting bursts, as a weapon in reality no such modes of fire.
. Fixed point "Gas station" on the map "Caspian border" in the mode of capture.
. Fixed a maximum height vehicles into the air on the map "Channels Noushhera"
Also, again, it will be possible to reduce the number of players required to start the round and 1, in rank and nerangovom modes. We returned it back after the negative feedback of players and companies - gaming providers.
Now players can run around the map, but the glasses they will not be counted. Then, once the number of players to reach the required level - points will be charged.

Move to the game folder and replace the folder Update, right-click on the game in Origin and select "Fix the installation." After installing the game patch download about 130 MB with Origin'a and work.

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7 64-BIT
Processor: Quad
Memory: 4 GB
Free space on hard disk: 20 GB
Video card: compatible with DirectX 11, 1024 MB of video memory (NVIDIA GeForce 560 or ATI Radeon 6950)

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