For his film THE F WORD director/author/editor Andrew Rosen has come up with a winner. First off, it's a film with a plot. And I like films with a plot. They seem to make the sexual encounters more convincing and-as a result-more involving for the viewers. The plot centers around young Jesse Santana of Snap Magazine who, along with his sidekick photographer Cole Ryan, is trying to get the dirt on the cast of a television show.
We first see the cast in the makeup room where they have just been given new rewrites. This pisses off star Andrew Justice who uses the F word. Now it's not the four-letter one we think of. It's a six-letter word: "faggot", which Andrew uses against Braxton Bond's boyfriend Jason White. Jason denies the accusation, but the harm is done.
Of course when the others head off to the set, Jason proves that he is indeed gay by getting it on right then and there with Braxton. The makeup room becomes the makeout room. After some deep-kissing, Braxton fishes Jason's cock from his pants and goes in for some deep-throating of the youngster's manly tool. Jason will return the favor and soon both are naked, Braxton is on his back with his legs in the air, and Jason is sliding his cock into Braxton's anxious ass. (NOTE: director Rosen always shows us the initial entry of cocks into asses instead of joining the fuck already in progress. This guy knows how to direct!)