Emperor Battle For Dune (PC)

Emperor Battle For Dune (PC)

PC game | Genre: Sci-Fi Real-Time Strategy | Size: 2.2 GB
Publisher: EA Games | Developer: Westwood Studios
Emperor: Battle for Dune represents the seamless combination of cutting-edge 3D graphics and perfected real-time strategy gameplay. In your conquest for the Imperial Throne, choose from 3 unique sides and 5 powerful subgroups to plot a perilous course through up to 5 treacherous gameworlds. In both singleplay and multiplay, lead your forces in both large-scale planetary strategies and cunning ground-level tactics. Westwood Studios is proud to have chosen the gripping universe of Dune for its first 3D real-time strategy title - Emperor: Battle for Dune.

System Requirements
Pentium II 400 MHz
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
DirectX 7.0
16 MB DirectX-compliant video card
DirectX-compliant sound card
600 MB hard-disk space

Install Notes
1. UnRAR
2. Mount/burn the image
3. Install and copy crack
4. Play

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