Aura 2.7.4t.163 Portable | 87.7 MB

The program shows its icon in system tray and plays real delectable sounds of a forest. A click on the icon turns on or off the sounding. Right click opens the Aura Control Board. Here you can assign and adjust sounds, set mute or sounding AutoStart option, Autochange of auras option, Scheduled computer mute/sleep/shutdown option, Assignable alarm-clock sounds, Assignable system hotkeys, Modular live update, choose a language for user interface.
- Hum night forest
- Update program shell
- Sounds for alarm guitar, cello, violin, accordion in the night forest
- Stream and waterfall
- Fire
- Winged inhabitants of the forest at night
- Thunder (sound only from the rain!)
- Recorder, flute, violin in the woods day
- Winged-day inhabitants of the forest
- Cuckoos
- Rooks and crows in the afternoon forest
- Wind in the woods
- Close-flying birds and insects in the forest day
- Hum day forest
- Animals-night forest
- Rain
75-percent-threshold of waterflow nearness divides a brook and a waterfall.
Brook/waterfall, rain, cuckoos, near flights, wind, sound folder and music modes are to be determined for daytime and night forests individually.
The more rare ordered rain periodicity the longer sounding - up to an endless mode.
Grayed state of the "and storm" checkbox means that thunder-boomer will be one in four rains on average.
A volume control of user's sound may be replaced by an "auto" label because volume and positioning of mono sound are subjects to be set by the program itself.
A phrase "according to the time of day" means that the program knows times of sunrise and sunset for temperate climate areas of your time zone.
A phrase about Autostart "with sounds due to the times of aura change" means that the program is going to turn on an aura according to missed appointed time of its change.
Scheduled events may occur not exactly at start of a minute.
If you consider acceptable to leave the computer switched on for a whole night, the program can be used as an alarm clock. In addition to alarmclock settings you can set Time To Mute or turn the loudness down (with no switching the computer off or sending it to sleep) and Start Time To Play Sound options.
"Start time to play sound" is disabled if aura is already playing and "Autostart with Windows" is not set to "Muted" and Time To Mute is not checked.
Sandglass image appears on the running program icon when a schedule for alarmclock or for PC switch off has been set.
The muted or autoreduced volume will be restored at the moment of alarmclock event.
If you use the option to turn the PC off/sleep at the scheduled time:
first a warning message appears on the screen and you have 10 seconds to cancel the shutdown;
system sounds are muted to prevent loud "Windows farewell";
after scheduled switchoff the system sounds will be restored only after next "Windows welcome". Sound may not appear if user's login has no administrative rights. Then simply launch the Aura to restore system sounding.
If it turned out, that appointed time of daytime aura turn on is equal to appointed time of night aura turn on, then time of night aura soon shifts by one minute.
If you think the volume of sounds is not sufficient, keep in mind that it's natural dynamic range. Most sounds are just coming from a distance.
Settings of tuning controls as they are at the program closing time will be automatically restored next launch;
If sounds are distorted, all or a part of them, please refresh your sound device driver.
It is very important to disable game mode (GX) of your sound card.
Sounds of wind are very exacting in regard to the audio equipment and driver quality. A wind should sound softly, rustling, with no buzz or whistle.
If there's no "EAX" (ambient sound support) in line with "Sound device in use", the device's "Hardware acceleration" needs to be set to "Full" in it's "Advanced Properties" setup.
It is very important for multichannel sound device to set correct number of loudpeakers in system Control Panel. You can also select better multichannel sound quality toggling M1 and M2 hardware mixers switches.
If Live Update Checkup fails, it then attempts to perform every half a minute.
When Internet connection exists, a process of live update checkup is indicated with the program icon appearance in Task Panel.
To reveal a reason for some problems you can run the installed program with "debug" parameter. Then error messages are shown and "debug.txt" log is filed.
OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
Language : Multilingual


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