PreSonus Studio One Pro v2.0.2 MAC OSX-UNION | 83MB

Studio One is a new, integrated approach to recording music, from tracking to mixing to mastering and distribution. It-s a creative environment built for intuitive use, speed, and efficiency-and yet it-s robust enough for the most complex productions.

Studio One 2.0.2 fixes the following issues:
- Keep Automation, solo and insert activation state on track transform
- Ampire has missing custom sounds
- Slicing can be slow and has no progress dialog
- Pencil tool not working in tempo track
- Humanize not applied to velocity
- Show track command does not unhide tracks
- Track not inserted always after selected track
- Split Loop command not working on audio part container
- Stretch cursor is displayed for audio part resize
- Automation "Edit Value" not working for 3rd party plugins
- Manual silence detection values not applied
- Improved drawing performance with many events
- Main Out mono function uses only left channel
- Crash with Strip Silence on long clips
- Clear Recent Files context menu is missing on Start Page
- ProEQ cuts high frequencies in HQ mode
- Sample One does not play second layer
- [Win] DDP export not working
- [OSX] Sound Could upload fails
- [OSX] 64 bit versions of Ampire and OpenAIR have crackles in sound
- [OSX] Installer gives misleading error message after downloading 3rd party plugins
- [OSX] Crash when removing Instrument with right click menu
- [OSX] Slow redraw of detached Mixer


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