Almost three hours of the best fisting footage ever filmed for the price of a single DVD

No set of fisting films has created more buzz than legendary handball director Chris Ward's new Toolbox Trilogy! Part One, Drilled, is the top sellling fisting film of all time. All of you customers who brought Drilled know that this is instant controversial and uncensored footage that you come to expect from the ass masters here at Raging Stallion. Hammered picks up where Drilled left off and presents five extended play scenes that will outlast even the most voracious, impossible-to-satisfy pig bottoms! That's right! No one will be able to get through Hammered in one sitting!

Why are Raging Stallion fisting films so good? We think it is because of our commitment to the cause. Fisting films make much less money than our more mainstream movies. Even so, fisting is what we are all about! We are not just creating a product--fisting is our lifestyle! That means you are getting authentic hardcore action from guys who live to fist. From the director to the cameraman to the editor and even to the sales staff, fisting men have made these films for other guys in the fisting community!