Zombie Driver: Summer of Slaughter (2011/ENG/RIP by KaOs)
Year: 2011 | PC Game | English | Developer: Exor Studios | Publisher: Exor Studios | 302.98 MB
Genre: Arcade (Shooter / Zombie) / Simulator (Racing / Cars) / 3D
s always wanted to relax on a cozy sandy beach in the shade of lush palm trees, which can be heard only the rustle of calming the waves ... and the cries of hungry zombies eat your brain! Infection and caught up with this piece of paradise, and only the most reckless drivers who have turned their cars into these "chariots of death", can survive in the battle against countless hordes of the undead. Zombies do not fear death, because they have died. But we are not afraid, because to live worse. So arrange a real orgy, of which Death itself will tremble ...

- Subject campaign of 17 missions in the open for the free ride the city
- Exclusive new map - Paradise Island (Paradise Island Slaughter map)
- 9 killer upgrades for eight types of machines: Install flamethrowers on school bus
- 30 deadly races in which you must not only fend off the undead, but to destroy rivals
- Survival at 6 venues in the "massacre" - a test for the most courageous
- Publicize your achievements to Facebook and Twitter!
System requirements:
- Operating system: Microsoft ? Windows ? XP ? SP2 / Windows ? Vista ? / Windows ? 7even ?
- Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz or equivalent AMD Athlon 64 1600 +
- Memory: 1 GB (Windows XP) / 2GB (Windows Vista / 7)
- Video: 3D-graphics adapter with 256 MB memory, compatible with DirectX ? 9.0 and supports Pixel Shader 3.0 (Nvidia ? GeForce ? 6600 / ATI ? Radeon X1400 or better)
- Sound: Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0c
- Free hard drive space: 2 GB
- Additional software: DirectX 9.0c
- Controls: A keyboard and mouse
Features RIP'a:
- It is based on the license - Exor Studios -
- Audio quality is 100%
- Video quality is 100%
- Cut all languages ??except English (voice and English interface)
- Do not recoded
- Ekslklyuzivny installer
- The installer with music
- Enclosing a tablet from TiNYiSO
- All the way registry maintained
- Requires at least 1 GB of RAM for installation
- Requires at least 2 GB of free space on HDD
- Run the game from a shortcut on the desktop
- Installing additional. Software: DirectX, VisualC + + Redist
- Installation time: ~ ~ 3-5 minutes
- RIPed by [KaOs]

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http://www.filesonic.com/file/4136450114/ZDriver SOSlaughter KaOs.rar
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