XT Software EnergyXT 2.6 (x86) | 104MB
energyXT - this is the fastest and most portable software application for creating music in the world. With EnergyXT You can record instruments and vocals directly from your computer via a simple USB-interface. You can then copy and paste tracks, as well as edit them, add effects and mix them as your heart desires and still in excellent quality. This program allows you to realize your idea and immediately see the result and to show, for example, put on your site. "

- Quick Start
- 100% recycled process of
- Create your own drum loops, instruments and audio
- Multi-Track export to other music applications
- Flexible feature time-stretching & pitch-shifting
- Supports drag & drop grooves REX2, with the function of slice
- non-destructive audio reverse
- Warm and clean sounding phase modulation synthesizer with sample support
- Multi-processor effector
- Track drum samples with the support of
- The main mixer with unlimited channels sends, inserts and group channels
- A searchable browser with sample survey
- Midi, audio and drum clips can be saved as a standalone library clips
- Enhanced Controller Card
Key Features:

Audio engine
- 32-bit audio engine with time-stretching/pitch-shifting algorithm from zplane development
- Supports industry standard VST instruments and effects
- Thread-based disk streaming and audio recording
- Automatic plugin delay compensation
- Offline render to 16/24/32 bit mono / stereo wav files at any sample rate
- Runs with ASIO, ALSA or as VST plugin
- Streamlined interface with skinning support
- Arrange / dock editor windows into multiple tabs
- Transporter bar with metronome and tempo
- Browser with drag & drop of instruments, effects, samples and loops
- Modular component view for MIDI and audio routing
Sequencing and recording
- Unlimited MIDI, audio, drum, and folder tracks
- Master tempo, time-sig and marker tracks
- Track types: MIDI, audio, drum-samnpler and folder track
- Multi-track recording
- In-track editing of MIDI, audio, and drum events
- Track-mixer for easy mixing of selected track
- Arpeggiator with random and probability on each MIDI track
- Swing / shuffle control on each track
- MIDI, audio, and drum parts can be saved as self-containing library clips (. Xtc)
- Parts can be ghosted (edit one part, and all other parts will be updated too)
- Clip-based automation of all Mixer and VST parameters
- Per sample forward / reverse and 3 resample modes: normal, re-pitch and stretch
- Popup-editor for MIDI and audio parts
- Supports 16/24/32 bit mono / stereo wav formats as well as REX2 (Win and Mac only)
Mixing and automation
- Per-channel trim, volume, pan, mute, and solo
- Unlimited insert effects and send effects per channel
- 4-band equalizer per channel
- All parameters in the mixer can be automated from the sequencer and / or external MIDI in
- Any number of group channels can be added for sub-mixing
- Phase modulation synthesizer and sampler in one
- Layer and split synthesized and sampled sounds
- Per-program reverb and delay effects
- Multi-mode filter with cutoff and resonance
- Poly, mono and glide
- Volume and filter envelopes
- 4 LFO's and 4 envelopes with 4 param destinations each
- Per-sound phaser and chorus / flanger
- Option to edit "all" sounds at once
Multi effect processor
- Available effects: reverb, delay, guitar amp, chorus / flanger, phaser, bit crusher, filter, and compressor.
- Any number of effects can be used in a chain
What's new in energyXT 2.6:
- Tempo track
- Added 'Random' to MIDI and Drum process menu (will randomly re-order all events in part)
- Added half / double tempo to MIDI process menu
- You can now replace drums kit on drum tracks with new drum preset or rex file
- Added support for fractional tempo
- Drum parts can now be processed with Reverse, Half tempo and Double tempo
- Drag samples from audio pool into sequencer
- Drag samples from audio pool into drum sampler
- Added option to delete all tempo markers
- Note preview will now use velocity from the note (instead of fixed)
- You can now change color of step rec cursor
- Minor GUI improvements
- Added skinning options for main toolbar and multi-effect panels
- Added option to invert mouse zoom
- Added speed button for zoom selection in sequencer
- Split at cursor (Ctrl + K) now also works on events in-track and in the part editor
- Added shortctus for vertical zoom (ctrl + / -)
- You can now drag & drop tracks in and out of folders
- Added 'Disk full' warning
- Mixer strip in sequencer now has a channel selector for multi-out instruments
- Changing patches in the VST editor window does not update the object bar, now fixed
- Recording automation from VST GUI now works with multiple tracks routed to the same VST
- Fixed bug with time view and tempo changes
- Arpeggiator always played back on midi channel 1, now fixed using the channel of the midi input
- Fixed bug with invert zoom
- Fixed GUI bug with enabled / disable midi devices and resetting scrollbars
- Fixed drag & drop indicator on drum track panel
- Fixed a bug with some plugins and render using different sample on export and audio playback
- MIDI thru button on drum track was missing (when in Manual midi thru mode), now fixed
- Arpeggiator gate and shuffle was not updated in GUI when changed by CC, now fixed
- Fixed a bug with duplicate drum track and drum events not showing
- Fixed a bug with midi mapping / control
- Shift select part didnt work when in-rack editing, now fixed
- Fixed bug with MIDI values ??out of range (when drag insert cc events etc)
- Crash when sample is made much shorter in "stretch" mode, now fixed
Developer: energy-xt.com
Year: 2011
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